888bet Aviator | How to Play 888bet Aviator in Kenya?

You can play the 888bet Aviator game and stand a chance to claim the bookmaker’s bonus options. This 888bet Aviator guide looks at how to bet on aviator games and the bookmaker’s different bonus options.

888bet Aviator – Overview

Here are some quick details of the 888bet Aviator game bonuses.

888bet AviatorDetails
Bonus typeFree bets
Frequency25 times daily
Access the AviatorPlay Aviator

The aviator betting game is an online casino game consisting of a flying plane that keeps flying until it crashes. Bettors can stake money before the plane takes off with the goal of cashing out before the plane crashes.

The game’s strategy is that as the plane rises, the odds increase and the cash-out amount is your stake multiplied by the odds you cashed out the bet.

The format of this game was taken from video games with the same name and is available in several other online casinos.

While 888bet Kenya is not the first betting site to host the game, it offers the best bonus options. You can also use the 888bet promo code when registering.

The aviator spribe game is fun to play and attracts bettors of every kind. Unlike the other casino games that require some knowledge, the aviator game has a simple format: stake some money and cash out before the plane crashes.

And if you are not yet sure of the game’s format, you can play the demo section to figure it out.

How to Play Aviator Bet on 888bet?

The game is simple, and we present the steps you can take to play the 888bet Aviator game.

Log into your account

The first step is to log into your account on the 888bet website. If you have not yet completed the mobile app registration, do it and then log into your account.

Deposit money into your account

The next step is to deposit money into your account. Even though you can start by playing the demo game, still deposit money so you can start betting with real money as soon as possible.

There is only one way to deposit on 888bet Kenya, and that is with the M-Pesa option.

Play the aviator game

Click the ‘Aviator’ tab at the top of the page to get to the Aviator game space. In this place, you can now place bets using the rules and strategies we shared in a different section.

Claim the bonus option

As we mentioned, the nice part of playing the aviator game on 888bet Kenya is that it is one of the only betting sites offering a good bonus. Also, since 888bet doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, players there can benefit from this bonus.

Players of the aviator game on 888bet can expect a rain of free bets daily up to 60,000 weekly. This free bet rain is random; you need to be lucky to claim it.

To get the bonus, you must be online and place a real money bet on the game. So that if the rain of free bets starts when you play the game, you can click the claim button to receive it.

The free bets are instantly credited to your aviator betting account once you successfully claim them.

888bet Aviator Game Rules

Playing aviator games is fun because of the fast and easy way the game concludes. Without trying too hard, you can add some money to your account.

And you also have to be careful not to lose the money you make. So there are some rules you have to abide by to make the most of the time you spend playing aviator games.

You can see these rules as strategies and tips for minimising your loss on aviator games. Some of the rules include the following:

888bet Aviator Game

Start by playing the demo game

There is a demo aviator game on 888bet Kenya. As a new customer, the best way to get acquainted with the game is to play the demo game several times.

This demo betting lets you understand how the game can be played.

Bet small at the beginning

After getting the hang of the game, you must start by betting small.

You can start with 1 KES stake and build up from there. However, don’t get carried away. Always bet an amount you can afford to lose.

Follow the crowd

The aviator spribe game is a social game, which means you can see other online aviators when you are playing the game.

You will also see when they are cashing out their bets, it makes sense to follow the crowd at that point. This is because most of these online aviators have been playing the game for longer and have a hunch of when to cash out.

Use the two-stake function

There is an option to bet twice on one round of the aviator game. You can place an aggressive stake in one slot and a modest stake in the next when placing two bets.

You can quickly cash out the bigger stake and wait for the smaller stake to build up with the increased odds.

Make use of the aviator bonuses on 888bet

You can play the aviator with or without the bonus. But by claiming the bonus options, especially the free bets, you can get extra opportunities to play more.

Check out the bookmaker’s page to understand how to claim these two bonuses and the requirements for using them.

Have a budget

A simple rule for betting on any game, including the aviator game. Always have a budget and stick to it.

Don’t get carried away by the fun you get from playing the aviator.

Don’t forget to have fun

The primary aim of playing the aviator game is to have fun. Don’t forget that in your quest to score some points.

Aviator Games Review

Playing aviator games seems to be the rave at the moment, and it is because of how easy and fun the game is. The aviator games come from the video games industry and have been around for some time before they made their comeback as casino game.

The good thing about the aviator game is that the outcomes are gotten from a random number generator and are provably fair. This is a term to mean that the odds that a plane crashes are always fair from external checkers.

Aviator games are also social games, so you can converse with other players via live chat on the Aviator platform. You can also see when other bettors are cashing out of their bets to help you make the decision of cashing out.

The game is available in several other online casinos, but the casino in 888bet offers the best gaming experience. You can also place double bets to ensure you have the edge over the bookmaker.

The aviator game is fun, but don’t get carried away. To do that, look through the rules of playing the aviator game we covered in this article.


To conclude this 888bet Aviator betting article, we answer important questions about the game.

You can play the 888bet Aviator game on the site or your mobile device on the 888bet mobile site or mobile app.

The aviator game has its own section on the 888bet Kenya site. You can also find it in the 888bet casino section.

You can register on 888bet Aviator by completing the 888bet registration process. Visit the 888bets site, click on the ‘Register’ button, and enter the required details to complete the process. You can also complete the app registration process on the mobile app.

Your 888bet Aviator winnings are added to your normal sports betting account. To withdraw the money from 888bet Aviator, log into your account and click on the ‘Profile’ section.

Select the withdrawal option, enter the amount you want to withdraw, and click the ‘Continue’ button to withdraw the winnings.