Aviator Betting in Kenya Explained | Best Aviator Betting Sites in 2024

In this article, we go into detail about Aviator betting, how to play the game, and of course, how to receive the Aviator bonus.

Best Aviator Betting Sites

After some research, we have come to select the best online casinos where you can play the Aviator game. Here are the best Aviator betting sites in Kenya.

OperatorAviator BonusClaim the Aviator Bonus

Aviator Free Bets

Play Aviator on BetWinner

Get up to 1,000,000 KES

Claim your share of the €2,000,000 prize pool

MozzartBet Aviator Betting

The MozzarBet Casino was among the first to host the Aviator game in Kenya. While the gameplay is the same as other bookmakers, the bookmaker offers some bonus options.

Please note that the number of bets and the requirements are prone to change.

The Aviator bonus on MozzartBet Casino is free bets which come daily. The bookmaker randomly ‘rains’ each of these free bets 20 times a day.

If you are online when the free bets are ‘raining,’ you can claim it from the chat section of the game box.

But you need to be super fast because others may claim it, and when the available free bets are finished, you have to wait for the next time. After claiming the free bets, you must download and wager it on the MozzartBet Aviator section again.

The free bets are only valid for 10 minutes after claiming it, and you can only cash out this free bet when the plane gets to 2.0 odds and above in the game.

MozzartBet Aviator Betting

BetWinner Aviator Betting

BetWinner is a reliable option for beginners interested in the Aviator game. Their platform offers a user-intuitive interface ensuring a seamless experience.

It is also advantageous that they tailor their services for mobile devices, enabling users to play while on the move.

BetWinner Aviator supports mobile payment options, ensuring convenience. Bets are based in Euros but deposits and withdrawals can be made in Kenyan shillings.

Additionally, BetWinner has extra features like the demo mode and live chat demo mode. With the live chat feature, players are able to view one another’s wagers and payout locations instantly, fostering a competitive yet sociable environment.

This function brings both thrill and the opportunity for players to share knowledge and adapt their tactics based on others’ approaches.

The choice between playing in demo mode or with real money allows for flexibility to accommodate various preferences and risk tolerances. Players can try things out before investing money.

BetAfriq Aviator Betting

BetAfriq is another betting site that features Aviator. You only need to stake 10 KES to play this game and can bet up to 10,000 KES.

So, Aviator stake sizes are quite flexible on this platform. Furthermore, players can place two wagers simultaneously and use a range of other functions, such as Auto Bet and Auto Cash Out options.

In Aviator, you win if you press the Cash Out button before the plane vanishes from the screen. Also, you can get up to 1,000,000 KES for one bet.

However, the BetAfriq Aviator bonus amount may change in the future, so it’s best to visit the bookie’s official website for the latest information about the promotion.

22Bet Aviator Betting

22Bet offers a strong selection of aviator games that guarantee users an enjoyable gaming experience.

One noteworthy aspect is the quick loading time, ensuring players can access the game promptly with no delays. Furthermore, once in the game, players can anticipate a smooth gaming experience that enhances the overall enjoyment.

22Bet Casino offers a temporary Aviator bonus called Aviatrix, which gives you the chance to claim your share of a €2,000,000 prize pool. Notably, anyone can take part in the promotion by playing Aviator.

Like in BetAfriq Aviator, players can place two simultaneous bets in one round. Here is where the Auto Play and Auto Cash Out features come into play.

Another feature worth noting is that 22Bet Aviator is completely enhanced for use on mobile devices. You have the option to play through your mobile browser or the 22Bet app on Android and iOS platforms, guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience anywhere.

22Bet offers easy access to the free play option for individuals who prefer to begin with it.

Players can easily start their practice sessions on the aviator game with just a few clicks from the main menu. The user-friendly approach exemplifies 22Bet’s dedication to offering a smooth and accommodating gaming experience for its users.

What Is Aviator Betting?

The Aviator game is a popular game taking over several casinos and betting sites in Kenya. This game has roots in the video game industry, where it was also popular.

Casinos now took interest in the game because of the simplicity and how captivating it was to play. So the Aviator game is now in almost every casino in Kenya.

A simple description of the Aviator gameplay is that you are put in the pilot seat of a plane.

The plane will take off on its own, but during the game, it will crash. You must come out before the plane crashes.

So how do you play the Aviator game? You do so by placing bets as the plane is on the ground.

You can now choose when to come out from the plane after it takes off by cashing out from your bet. If you remain till the plane crashes, then you lose your stake.

Here are some key facts about the Aviator game

  • As the plane climbs, the odds increase, starting from 1x.
  • The amount you get is your stake multiplied by the odds on the plane when you cashed out.
  • The Aviator game is built with a Provably FAIR technology. It is a complex term to say that the odds are generated cryptographically and that the bookmaker doesn’t influence it.

How to Play the Aviator Game?

Placing a bet on an Aviator casino game is similar to every casino game. The only difference is that you can stake 2 odds in one game.

Follow the steps to place Aviator bets.

  1. Log into the bookmaker of your choice.
    ChezaCash Login
  2. Click the ‘Aviator’ tab at the top of the page.
  3. Wait for the round to start before you place your bets.
  4. You can place two bets; just click the amount you want to stake on the second box and wager it before the plane takes off.
  5. Cash-out the bet before the plane crashes to win your bet.

What Are the Best Aviator Betting Strategies?

Even though the Aviator casino game is based on random number generation, you still need some betting strategies. Here are some of them that you can employ in your betting.

Make use of the bonus

As usual, some bookmakers offer Aviator betting bonuses to attract new customers and even retain old ones.

So when looking for an Aviator betting site, look out for the sites with an Aviator bonus. Ensure you read the terms and conditions of the bonus to understand how it works.

Bet with small stakes

The odds here increase dramatically. So in your best interest, bet with small stakes every time. The main reason for the game is fun, so you are not bothered if your win is small.

By betting small stakes, you can stretch the money you want to bet on several games.

Have a budget and stick to it

As with every betting strategy, it is important to have a budget. You can bet only what you can afford to lose with a budget.

But creating a budget is one thing; you must stick to it. You must shun the temptation to bet just one more time.

Once you have exhausted your budget, stop betting, or play the game’s demo version.

Take breaks

Because the Aviator game is available all day, you might be tempted to play it without taking breaks. That is not only dangerous to your pocket, but it is also unhealthy.

You ought to take breaks, and in between placing Aviator bets, you can do other interesting things. If you become too hooked on playing the game, you can ask the customer service team to exclude you from the game.

Play for fun

The Aviator game was built primarily for video gamers, so the creators had fun in mind. You can always play the game in the demo mode to keep the fun without spending too much.

Aviator Betting Kenya

How to Choose the Best Aviator Betting Sites?

Almost every bookmaker has an Aviator game on the betting site. However, you need to choose one to bet with.

We analyse the important factors you need to enjoy betting on the Aviator game and how to choose the best Aviator betting site in Kenya.

You should try to spend less when playing the Aviator game. And one way to do that is to use the Aviator bonus of the bookmaker.

MozzartBet offers free bets that you can use to place Aviator bets and get real money. There are other bonus options, but there are mostly free bets also.

So you must ensure the bookmaker offers a bonus or a weekly prize for playing the Aviator game.

Mobile apps help to bring the fun of the Aviator game wherever we are and whenever we want to play it.

While most betting sites have an app, some don’t. So, ensure it has a mobile app or at least a responsive mobile site.

The mobile site or app also needs to be fast. You want to be able to place your bets and cash out without any technical hitches, and that can happen when the mobile app is slow.

Using the mobile app also means you can receive notifications on the promotions available on the bookmaker.

You need to register and input your personal and financial details before you will play the Aviator game. It means the website must be secure to protect your account from third-party interactions.

Ensure that you are betting on the correct website of the bookmaker and that the bookmaker uses security protocols and firewalls to keep hackers off.

While the Aviator game looks simple, it takes some time to get used to it. So we prefer to get a site with a demo mode set for bettors to practise.

With the demo mode, you can understand the game. How to place bets, cash out, and place auto bets.

You can deposit real money and place real bets when you are familiar with the game.

After playing the Aviator game in demo mode, you may want to place real bets and need money in your betting account. So the betting site must support several payment systems or at least the popular ones most bettors use.

In Kenya, that will be the M-Pesa and Airtel Money. But we also looked for betting sites supporting card deposits and bank transfers.

A final feature of the best betting site for Aviator betting is that the customer service team must be responsive.

This is important because you might have an issue with your Aviator bonus, with making deposits, or any other issue. You want a customer service team that can resolve it swiftly.

Aviator Betting in Kenya FAQs

To round up this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the game.

Yes, Aviator is a casino gambling game. The game is very simple, consisting of a plane taking off and crashing after some time.

To play the game, place your wager when the plane is still on the ground, and cash out before it crashes.

Yes, it is safe. The game is produced by Spribe and is built with Provably Fair software, meaning the odds shown are generated cryptographically and not on the bookmaker’s website.

To bet on the Aviator game in Kenya, you can check out the following bookmakers, MozzartBet, ChezaCash, and BetAfriq.

Yes, for all the betting sites that offer Aviator betting, you can bet on the game in the bookmaker’s mobile app.

The Aviator game is built with Provably Fair software, and a random number generator generates the odds that the plane flies away.

You can calculate the amount you get after each round by multiplying your stake and the odds at which the plane flies away.