BetKing Prediction and Betting Tips for Today

If you want to use the BetKing promotion code and place bets with this sportsbook, check out this BetKing Prediction guide for Kenyan bettors. Here, you can find out more about BetKing predictions as well as the operator’s prediction bonus.

What Is the BetKing Prediction Today?

Here, you can see our BetKing predictions for today.

Last modified: 2023-06-10 04:21:29 UTC+ 0
Yield: 23.7%
Manchester City vs Inter
Champions League Final Stage
10/06 21:00
Manchester City to win to nil
Champions League finals will have Manchester City playing against Inter Milan, and it is one of those years where the favourite is clear. City has been marching to the finals with incredible performances...
Yield: -1.05%
Manchester City vs Inter
Champions League Final Stage
10/06 21:00
Manchester City to win to nil
Manchester City and Inter de Milano plays by the UEFA Champions league and i think that is good to have the 0-3 in the EH exactly because the chance to 3-0 is good to me and the Win to Nill in the match...
Yield: -1.05%
San Marino vs Kazakhstan
EURO Qualification Grp. H
16/06 20:45
Kazakhstan to win to nil
San Marino and Kazakhstan plays by the European Championship and i think that is good to the team of the Kazakhstan is better to me and i think that is better to me and the form of the San Marino with...

Keep in mind that the predictions presented here may differ from the ones on the operator’s website. For full details, make sure to visit the official BetKing Kenya platform, where you can find their most recent offer.

What is the BetKing Prediction Bonus?

The BetKing prediction promotion is the Virtual Jackpot. All BetKing users can take part in this offer and get a chance to win money each day. Furthermore, you may get a free Jackpot draw entry by placing a bet on any of the BetKing Virtual Leagues.

The Kings League, Kings Liga, Kings Italiano, and the new Kings Bundliga virtual leagues are all available for this offer. Moreover, each user can get unlimited draw entries, so your chances of winning increase with each BetKing prediction placed. Furthermore, the result of your bet does not matter as both winning and losing bets earn you a free draw entry.

BetKing randomly selects a winner every day, and they are rewarded with a cash prize. Additionally, you can see the list of previous winners on the official BetKing site. Cancelled and voided bets don’t qualify for free entry and aren’t eligible for the bonus.

BetKing Prediction

If you manage to win the the prize, your winnings will automatically be credited to your account balance. You can check your transaction list and see the amount won under the Kingmaker Virtual Jackpot transaction ID. Additionally, the BetKing customer service will personally congratulate you on your win, and you’ll receive an SMS from the operator.

Lastly, you can withdraw your winnings as soon as the transaction is complete. Nonetheless, withholding tax will be deducted from your total bonus amount.

Although Kingmaker Virtual Jackpot is currently active promotion, many more bonus offers and prizes will be available in the future.


If you want to know more about BetKing and its bonus offers, check out the FAQ section below.

What is the prize of predicting matches at BetKing?

You can win up to Ksh. 25,000 each day by playing the BetKing Virtual Leagues and entering the Jackpot draw. You get unlimited draw entries, so placing more bets can get you a better chance of winning.

How do you predict a soccer score at BetKing?

To predict a soccer score at BetKing, you can place a “Correct Score” bet. Simply select the event you wish to bet on, select the “Correct Score” bet, and submit the bet slip.

What are BetKing betting tips?

To see the BetKing betting tips, visit their “Help” section and look for the “Getting Started” page. There, you can find more information on how to start your betting journey at BetKing Kenya.