Betsafe Jackpot Bonus | Super, Middle and Daily Jackpot Bonuses for 2024

Betsafe jackpot bonus is a solid option for bettors who enjoy sports betting in Kenya. Here we will explain how these offers work, their wagering requirement, and give some betting tips.

Betsafe Jackpot Bonus Details

Here we will review the Betsafe jackpot bonus offer, and explain how it works. First of all, these betting promotions frequently change, as all of them have to do with the upcoming sports matches. Moreover, the Betsafe jackpot bonus is only available to the registered users.

Players can bet on a set of specific matches that are part of the jackpot offer. Furthermore, the only bets available for the jackpot offer are 1, X, and 2. Meaning, you can only pick one of them per match, and the quotes on those options do not affect the jackpot amount. Also, each entry is charged individually.

Finally, there are different Betsafe jackpot bonus options available:

  • Daily Jackpot – consists of 9 pre-selected football matches
  • Middle Jackpot – consists of 15 pre-selected football matches
  • Super Jackpot – consists of 17 pre-selected football matches
Betsafe Daily Jackpot

The winning amounts will vary, considering how the offer itself changes on a daily basis. Also, the jackpot amount is split among all the winners, in the event of multiple bettors winning the prize. Additionally, you must place these bets online and you cannot use free bets or Betsafe bonus money to qualify for the jackpot.

Middle jackpot and Super jackpot have a few more rules that do not apply to daily jackpots. So, even if the number of bets is higher, it does not necessarily mean you are less likely to win anything. For example, both Super and Middle jackpots have runner-up awards, in case there is no clear winner.

Meaning, if you guess 13/15 games or 12/17, you will still win something. In the event nobody gets at least 12/15 or 12/17 games right, the operator decides what to do. Meaning, they can reward the next player or players who got at least 11 matches correct.

Betsafe Middle Jackpot

What Are the Betsafe Jackpot Predictions?

In order to make the best out of the Betsafe jackpot bonus, you need to make accurate predictions. The odds for each outcome are already displayed, but you should not base your predictions solely on them.

In spite of great algorithms, the odds are primarily based on previous matches. Meaning, they don’t necessarily take into account the current changes that happen within each team.

Moreover, there is the home-field advantage that plays an important role in some matchups. In other words, see when was the last time the two teams played and what changed in the meantime. Then try to predict the outcome based on that information.

Finally, each match has different stakes. Therefore, some teams might be more motivated than others. Do your best to account for these factors when making your predictions. In doing so, you will be able to fully utilize the Betsafe jackpot bonus.

Betsafe Super Jackpot

How to Claim the Betsafe Jackpot Bonus?

Here we will provide a step-by-step overview of how to claim the jackpot bonus, starting from registration:

  1. Firstly, click on the β€œsign up” button in the upper right corner to begin account creation.
  2. Secondly, fill out the registration form, type in your phone number, and confirm your identity.
  3. Once you have an account you will need to deposit funds.
  4. The payment method you will have to use to deposit funds is M-Pesa.
  5. The minimum deposit amount is 49 KSH.
  6. When you have enough funds go to the Jackpot section in the upper left part of the home screen.
  7. Choose the jackpot option you wish and make your predictions.

Additionally, when you make your first payment with Betsafe you can get a welcome offer bonus. Their welcome offer is a 100% matching bonus on your first deposit of up to 2,000 Ksh. However, these bonus funds cannot be used for a jackpot wager.

Betsafe Jackpot Bonus FAQs

Let’s go over some frequently asked questions regarding Betsafe and its jackpot bonus:

Does Betsafe Have Jackpot Bonuses?

Yes, it does. There are 3 jackpots – daily, middle, and super jackpot.

What Is the Minimum Stake in Betsafe?

For a single bet, the minimum stake is 49 KSH. For a multi-bet, the minimum stake is 20 KSH.

How To Predict a Betsafe Jackpot?

Examine the odds, match history, recent and news regarding each team. Also, think about what is at stake for each team, and how home team advantage affects each team.

What Is a Betsafe Registration Bonus?

Betsafe has a 100% matching welcome bonus on your first deposit of up to 2,000 Ksh. So, the registration bonus will double your first deposit. So, if you deposit 100 KSH, you will get an extra 100 KSH as bonus funds for betting.

In order to have fun handle your funds responsibly. Responsible gaming always comes first, so keep in mind that you should place bets only for entertainment purposes.

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