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Do you want to get the best tips on how to bet and win? Then you have come to the right place. While betting is risky, there are winning betting tips that you can employ to increase your chances of winning. In this article, we take a look at betting from a strategic point of view and examine the best betting tips that can turn gambling into a fun and profitable endeavour.

Tips on how to bet

To win at sports betting, you must employ some winning betting tips. Even for recreational gambling, to win at betting will require some patience, experience and strategy. The tips on how to bet that we have suggested are general guidelines on how to approach sports betting online.

The following are our tips on how to bet.

  • Learn the basics.
  • Learn and Follow Betting Strategies.
  • Set Achievable Goals.
  • Don’t Bet with Your Heart.
  • Research, Research, Research.
  • Focus.
  • Have a Betting Budget.
  • Have a Staking Plan.
  • Keep a Betting Journal.
  • Bet Online and Have Accounts with Several Bookmakers.
  • Consider Less Obvious Markets.
  • Master Your Emotions.
  • Don’t Bet when you are Impaired.
  • Join a Betting Forum.
  • Take Regular Breaks.

Below we have outlined our tips on how to bet and win.

Sports Betting Tips

Learn the Basics

Most sports fans go on to become bettors. So the assumption is that betting is simply predicting the winner of a sports event, but that is just the tip of sports betting. Sports betting is simple, but winning at sports betting is not. That is why you must understand the basics of sports betting. You must understand what accumulators are, how bookmakers calculate odds, the different components of a sports wager, and get familiar with the whole betting market in the sports you are interested in betting on. Brief research on the meaning of these terms can bring a new bettor up to speed in no time.

Learn and Follow Betting Strategies.

To be successful at sports betting, you would need to follow a strategy. Even if you are betting for fun, using a strategy to bet will improve your chances of winning, which is certainly fun. Once you are familiar with the betting markets and how odds are calculated, it may be time for you to start trying out some strategic betting. Most bettors don’t do this because it is perceived to be time-consuming and hard to develop. But you can start with some proven strategies from more experienced bettors. Some betting strategies you can read up on include:

  • Arbitrage betting
  • Backing heavy favourites
  • Offset betting

Set Achievable Goals

To be successful in sports betting, you need to have some goals you are aiming for. The most important part is that you have realistic and achievable goals to avoid getting discouraged along the way. It is very possible to win, but you need to set progressive goals. The goals you start out with should be based on learning more than winning. And once you get a hang of the betting process, you can now set winning goals. Of course, as a beginner, setting a goal of having fun while betting is a very achievable goal.

Don’t Bet with Your Heart

It’s easy to get into your emotions and bet on just the teams you like or the teams you are familiar with. Don’t follow the most popular bet based on the favourites, because sometimes there can be an upset. And this is the fastest way to lose your money and waste your time. Don’t bet on the results you want to see, but bet on the most likely event to happen based on data. When you bet, it should be based on a detailed analysis of the data of the games. In fact, it is suggested not to bet on your favourite teams when you are serious about making money, except when it is just for fun.

Research, Research, Research

A winning betting strategy is not got by guessing the outcomes of games. That is why research is very important. In fact, if there is any tip you have to take seriously, it has to be this one. By carrying out basic research, you turn random guesses into informed bets that are based on data. Even though most bettors think of research as tedious and stressful, it doesn’t have to be. It could be just reading a few relevant blog posts relating to the sporting event or the particular game you want to bet on.


The options when it comes to sports betting are endless. There are so many options of sports events and betting markets to place bets on. With the rise of mobile websites and mobile apps, the options have even increased. This can lead to confusion or lead you to become a jack of all trades, master of none. This is the time to dial in on a few markets and a few games to bet on. You have a greater chance of winning when you focus on some games and markets than trying your hand in every game and market.

Have a Budget

Most bettors bet spontaneously on whatever spare money they have, even sometimes betting on money planned for other important things. But that only ends in disappointments. You must have a budget for betting. This will of course depend on your monthly income and how serious you are about winning, but it is important to have a betting budget. You also have to consider that even though winning money from betting is an option, it is not an income stream. So put in money that you are prepared to lose. Sports betting is more fun and profitable if you take risks that don’t endanger your pocket.

Have a Staking Plan

A staking plan is closely related to your betting budget, but it is a very important point that it is classified as its own tip. A staking plan is the percentage of your budget that is allotted for a betslip. The normal rate is allotting 1-5% of your budget to a game or a betting slip. This will allow you to take a few losses without incurring so much loss. A staking plan saves you from dumping all your budget on a ‘sure’ game you got from a tipster. No games are 100% sure, so you are better off placing small amounts on a large number of games, than placing a huge amount on just one game. A staking plan also saves you from chasing your losses or being too extravagant when on a winning streak.

Keep a Betting Journal

Sports betting is normally seen as arbitrary choices taken on sports events to make some money, but that is not true. To make the most of your investment of time and money involved in bets, you must keep records of your predictions and the money betted on. Keeping a record will enable you to see at a glance how much spent, how much won and on which type of bets. By following a betting strategy, a quick glance at your wins and loses will show you if your current strategy is a winning one or whether you should change it. If you are interested in profitable betting, keeping accurate records is a must.

Bet Online and Have Accounts with Several Bookmakers

Sports betting online is very convenient, and we recommend using online bookmakers. It is also very important to have an account with more than one bookmaker. This is because of several reasons. You can get multiple welcome bonuses. Plus, you can check for the best odds among them and also be able to hedge your bets when you place bets at different bookmakers.

Note: Even though we have set some general betting tips, not all of them can be applied if you are not betting online. So even though there are no different online betting tips, it is easier to use our winning betting tips when betting online.

Bet Online

Consider Less Obvious Markets

Most bookmakers offer huge betting markets beyond the popular match-winner market. And in the case of betting, sometimes the riches are in the niches. That means you will most likely make money betting in less obvious markets than the popular ones that are well known. You can click to see the entire betting market offered on a particular game. You can now check your analysis to see if any less obvious events are likely to happen. These are the markets you might want to bet on. You can also consider less obvious sports, just remember that you have to carry out the required research to place informed bets.

Master your emotions

A good gambler is a good master of his emotions. He knows that past performance is not a predictor of future performance. That will mean he is not chasing his losses and trying to make up for losing money by placing even more bets. Also, he is not extravagant in placing bets when he is on a winning streak. At every point of the betting process, you have to master your emotions because the outcome of any bet you place is based on data, and not how you feel.

Don’t bet when distressed

This ties into the above point but it is very important on its own. Do not place bets when you are not lucid. This will include after a night of partying and alcohol, or when your emotions are at the extremes, either high or low. It also includes when you are incapacitated by health challenges. Don’t place bets to make yourself feel good, rather engage in other recreational activities.

Join a Betting Forum

Sports betting is very broad. And the data collection and analysis that is required to make it a successful venture is not an individual feat. This is why joining a betting forum can be a huge help for beginners and even more experienced gamblers. When you join a betting forum, one thing you have to do is to participate in the discussions. You can also ask questions when the tips shared are confusing and just follow along to learn from more experienced bettors. While some forums have free access, some of the forums will require a payment to be made. In any case, make your research and choose based on your needs.

Take Regular Breaks

To succeed in making the right betting decisions, you must always take time to step back and take a break from betting. This may seem counterintuitive because you may want to place bets every time to increase your chances of winning. But taking regular breaks helps to clear your thinking and offer a fresh perspective on how to approach your betting strategy. Taking regular breaks is also a sign of responsible gambling, as you don’t want to be addicted to betting and the thought of winning always. Most gambling sites offer self-exclusion options, where you can contact the customer care team to restrict your account from placing bets for a while.

Betting Guide

In addition to incorporating the winning betting tips we shared above in your betting strategy, you also have to learn some betting terminology. Words such as free bets, BTTS, handicap, Draw no bet are terms you need to have as part of your vocabulary. Here are the definitions of some betting terms.

  • Betting odds

Betting odds are numbers given to events that can happen in a game. The numbers are not random but gotten from calculations made by bookmakers to signify the probability of that event happening. The higher the odds of an event happening, the less likely it is to happen, and vice-versa.

  • 1×2 meaning in betting

This is one of the most popular bet terminologies when it comes to placing bets with bookmakers. This is a selection between the two competing teams or individuals in a game. The ‘1’ represents the first team/contestant, while the ‘2’ represents the second one.

  • Free bets meaning

Free bets are the bonus options given by bookmakers to bettors who meet some requirements, especially for new customers. Free bets is a popular bet terminology among online bookmakers. You can place bets with free bets, but you can’t withdraw it.

  • Wagering meaning

Wagering is staking a bet with money. After making your selections, you can now wager it or stake it with some money.

  • Handicap meaning in betting

Handicaps can either be an advantage for one team or a disadvantage the other team will have to overcome to win. While not the most popular bet term, you need to be conversant with how the Handicap and Asian Handicap markets work

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Tips on how to bet FAQs

In this article, we have looked at several tips on how to bet and some dedicated online betting tips. Even though this is not a how to bet and win article, we have looked at the major points a beginner will consider before starting to bet. Here are some frequently asked questions about

What is the easiest bet to win?

There is no easy bet to win. But you can improve the chances of winning your bet. This is by betting on just one game and betting on the favourites. The odds may be low and the winnings may not be much, but it is more likely to be a winning bet.

What is the safest bet?

As a general rule, the safer the bet, the smaller the money to be won, while the riskier the bet, the greater the money. So the safest bet is not always the best bet. Follow our tips on how to bet to ensure you take manageable risks.

What is a good bet?

A bet is good if you win from it. And how to win your bets is by following the online betting tips outlined in our article.

How to place sports bets online?

Betting used to be done in betting shops mainly offline, but now online sports betting is the way. You can place bets from the comfort of your home on mobile apps, and mobile and desktop sites. And every popular bookmaker now offers an online sports betting platform for placing bets. Follow the steps below to place sports bets online:

– Visit the bookmaker’s website
– Complete the registration process by signing up with your phone number or email.
– Deposit money through the several platforms offered by the bookmaker.
– Look through the sports markets and choose a sport you are familiar with.
– Check the betting markets and choose odds.
– Place bets by staking some money at the odds you’ve chosen.

Is online sports betting legal?

Yes, online sports betting in Kenya is legal and regulated by the Betting Control and Licencing Board. Most popular bookmakers are registered with the BCLB and betting with them is protected under the law. Bookmakers such as Betway, Betwinner, Betsafe, 1xbet, 22bet, and Helabet are all licensed. You can follow some of our online betting tips to ensure your success.

How to bet and win in Kenya?

You can place your bets on any licensed bookmaker in Kenya. But when it comes to winning, you need to follow some online betting tips such as:

– Don’t chase your losses.
– Don’t bet with your heart.
– Have a betting strategy.
– Use a betting journal
– Be part of a betting forum.

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