Basketball Predictions and Tips

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If you want to win big bets on basketball, then you have to get information on basketball predictions. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. From the NBA, Euroleague, and, to other local leagues, basketball is exciting, energetic, and draws a lot of fans from all over the world. And as such betting on it, can be lucrative if you know what you are doing. That is the reason for basketball betting tips.

Basketball Predictions today

Check out some of our basketball predictions today:

Last modified: 2021-10-24 21:46:17 UTC+ 2
Yield: -3.79%
Nanjing Monkey King vs Jiangsu Dragons
06/04 13:30
Over 49.5 points in 4th quarter
Both of these teams have been good at shooting in this season. The Nanjing Monkey Kings are even better. The Pace of ball movement will be fast and that could result in a high scoring. @1.76 odds my bet...
Yield: -3.79%
Nanjing Monkey King vs Jiangsu Dragons
06/04 13:30
Over 49.5 points in 4th quarter
Both of these teams have been good at shooting in this season. The Nanjing Monkey Kings are even better. The Pace of ball movement will be fast and that could result in a high scoring. @1.76 odds my bet...
Yield: -3.38%
LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies
25/10 03:30
Memphis Grizzlies +6.50 (AH)
memphis started very good in the new season with two wins in a row vs cavs at home +11 and yday vs clipeprs on the roand, +6. la won +10 in the last meeting. but at this moment, i think that memphis has...
Yield: -3.38%
LA Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies
25/10 03:30
HT / FT will end with 1/2
la has still problem with injuries (nunn, ellington, ariza and tucker are questionable). they started very bad in the new season with two defeats in a row vs gs and suns, both at home. here i think that...
Yield: -3.38%
New York Knicks vs Orlando Magic
25/10 01:00
New York Knicks -10.50 (AH)
ny started very good in the new season with two wins in a row vs boston (after ot) and orlando on the road where they won +25. orlando has two defeats in a row vs new york and spurs. they have a big problem...

Top Basketball betting tips

While the popularity of the basketball game is still growing in Kenya and Africa as a whole, betting on basketball is something most punters are interested in. But to win big, you have to employ a betting strategy. A strategy turns your betting process from random guesses to informed choices.

You can make basketball sure bets when you have taken time to study the data and you employ the best basketball betting tips when you place your bets.

Basketball predictions are the options you have as a gambler to bet on a particular match. Several sites offer basketball betting tips. Before we look at the different predictions let’s look at some basketball betting tips for winning big.

Basketball Predictions

Keep up to date with player news, team news, and data.

You have to make your basketball predictions based on both team information and individual player data.

Unlike other individual sports, basketball is a team sport in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So there are a lot of factors that will affect the result of games. Information such as player injuries, changes in formation, or a general drop in form can affect the results of games. An injury to a key player of one of the teams is certainly going to swing the results in the favor of the other team.

You can find this information from sports blogs, pre-match press briefings, or the team website.

Have an account with several bookmakers

To get the best odds on basketball betting predictions, you have to shop around several bookmakers. Signing up with the bookies is free, so create accounts with several of them and check the odds they offer regularly. Bookmakers can offer higher odds for a particular tournament over another. And don’t just stop at the popular bookmakers, check out the not-so-popular ones, as long as they are licensed and registered in the country you are betting from.

Keep a betting journal

A betting journal is very important if you want to increase the amount of your winnings. By checking the results of your previous basketball bets you can see where you always have problems. You can also get a clear picture of where you have the most success. This will give you an insight into the actions you need to double down on, and the actions to reduce or stop.

Check Head to Head Data

Head-to-head data is a sure way to get sure basketball tips for two teams that are set to play. Team A may be in form but, if team B has always beaten them on their home court, you might want to tip team B to win. Of course, you can hedge your bets and play team B at a handicap.

Learn to spot the upset

A top basketball team will play several games in a season and will win about 65-70% of the games they play. The other 30-35%, where the weaker team beats the top team, is the upset.

The most money in betting is made when you can spot the upset. And you have to start early enough to plan how and when the upset will likely happen. This is a culmination of checking head-to-head data, looking at team motivation and individual form of key players, and the overall team form.

You will also want to consider the type of competition being played and the likelihood of the underdog team upsetting the superior team.

Know the basketball predictions market.

Betting can be a lucky venture, but to win consistently, you must know the different betting markets that you can bet on. Apart from predicting the match-winner, there are several other markets. Some of them are:

  • Two-Way: This is the easiest prediction, where you have to predict the winner of a match. This also has the lowest odds, except you are sure of an upset, then you can bet on the underdogs to win.
  • Totals: This is a very popular market when it comes to basketball predictions. This is simply an over/under market where you need to predict the total number of points to be scored in a game. You can either play the total points, where you predict the range of points to be scored. You can also predict the points to be scored by each team, or the points scored per quarter. You have several options on how to play this market.
  • Moneyline: Moneyline wagers are when you predict the winners of a basketball game without the spread handicap. This means that you can choose a winner but there is a catch. Most bookies give the teams a better chance than 50% of winning.
  • Halftime/Fulltime: You can bet on who will lead at halftime or at full-time. You can also bet on the number of points that will be scored at halftime or full-time.
  • Future Bets: You can bet on the whole basketball season or championship in the future bets markets. Available options of predictions include the winner of conference games, the playoffs, or the entire championship title.
  • Player bets: In the player bet markets you will be betting on individual players based on their gameplay. You can place bets on the number of points, rebounds, assists, three-pointer shots, and other game statistics of the player.
  • Live bet: While this is not a betting market, it is the feature offered by some bookmakers that enable gamblers to place bets after the game has started. You can find most basketball betting markets in the live section. This is something you can consider if your initial predictions are not going according to plan.

Don’t bet every time

When most gamblers start out, they place bets on almost every game hoping to win. But that is not a sustainable strategy. The time it takes for you to read the data and analyze how it will play out in a game cannot be sniffed at. So it is important that you choose the games you want to bet on and put in the time to study them. Look at stats, data, and other suggestions on betting prediction sites to make sure you are placing informed bets.

Basketball Betting

Basketball Predictions and Tips FAQ

What is the best way to bet on basketball?

While basketball is not a complex game, betting on it can be complex. Various factors need to be considered to make a successful bet. Some of these factors include:

  • The form of the teams playing.
  • The competition the team is playing in.
  • The head-to-head data of the two teams.
  • Key injuries on the team.

To make the best bet on basketball, it is key to get sure basketball tips from basketball prediction sites. When you do this, you can place some basketball sure bets to win some money.

Is betting on basketball Legal?

Sure, betting on basketball is perfectly legal, as long as you are betting on a licensed bookmaker. In Kenya, you have a lot of licensed bookmakers you can choose from. There is Betway, Betwinner, 22bet, Betsafe, Helabet, Dafabet and a host of other betting sites. One of the sure basketball tips is to have an account with multiple bookmakers. This enables you to take advantage of multiple welcome bonuses and also compare which bookmaker has the best odds.

What is the best basketball prediction site?

You can find several sites that offer basketball predictions. For some of these sites, you can get basketball betting tips for free, for some of them you have to pony up some money. The simple way to find the best basketball predictions site is through a google search of basketball predictions sites. You can go through the different options and choose the best basketball prediction site. The best betting sites for basketball however will be the bookmaker with the best odds. Find more information in our how to bet in Kenya guide.

Basketball betting sites

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