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You can greatly improve your chances of winning your tennis bets with the right tennis predictions and betting tips. Whether you are a new or an experienced bettor, when it comes to placing bets, you are better off placing bets based on data. In the next section, you can find our daily tennis picks.

Tennis predictions today

Here are the tennis predictions for today:

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How did we pick our tennis predictions?

Our tennis predictions are based on deep research and analyzing tons of data. A key aspect of our tennis predictions is the amount of data we have to sift through to present accurate predictions.

Here are some factors we considered when picking the tennis predictions.

  • The style of players
  • The tournaments being played
  • The form and motivation to win
  • The head-to-head data
  • The odds offered per game

Also, the data is analyzed and presented by tennis experts who with their years of experience can make correct predictions.

Our goal is to provide accurate tennis predictions. Even though you must realize that despite our best efforts, predictions are not facts. It is possible to play with predictions and lose some money. But the good thing about it is that more times than not, our predictions play out.

Tennis Predictions

Tennis betting tips

Tennis betting tips are quite important if you want to win a decent amount whenever you bet on tennis games. The first step to using the tennis betting tips will be to understand tennis predictions.

Tennis predictions are the options you have to bet on the different betting markets of a tennis game. Most gamblers stop at knowing the tennis prediction markets, but then you can go a step further to develop a strategy from your knowledge about the predictions.

A betting strategy is what turns your betting from random guesses that produce a win once in a while to informed betting that can win you big money. Here are some tennis betting tips that can help you win big.

Study the level and form of the players

The level and form of the players in a particular match will affect their performance. The level of each player is important, because no matter the great form an amateur player is in, he would find it hard to beat Federer or Nadal. Now the form of the players matters more if they are slightly on the same level. For example, a match between Djokovic and Nadal will be predicted based on the different forms.

Get knowledgeable about the Tennis predictions markets

Like most other sports, in tennis betting, the match winner market (tennis predictions 1×2) is the most popular. But to win big, you have to know other betting markets.

Some tennis betting markets include:

  • Match Winner market

This is a betting market to bet on the player you think will win the tennis game. As with many sports, the match winner market doesn’t offer great odds, except you expect an upset and back the underdog. Backing the favorite in this market won’t offer a huge, but you can decide to pair it with other markets like the sets market. You can also decide to play your favorite in the handicap market.

  • Handicap Market

In the handicap market, you give an advantage to the less favorite player and bet on the stronger opponent to overcome the advantage and win. This offers greater odds than betting straight winners in the match result market and presents an opportunity to win more money.

  • Set Betting

This is a betting market where you predict the number of sets in a match and sometimes the correct score of sets. You can also predict the winner of the set. Because of the fluctuations of games due to stress or minor upsets this market can be harder to predict. But the odds offered present a good opportunity to win big.

  • Tournament Winner (Outright bets)

You can go ahead to predict winners for a particular tournament in this market. Due to different playing strengths, most tournaments have favorite players. Backing the favorite, in this case, has the potential to win more money as the odds are higher than in the match-winner market However, unlike a single game, factors such as loss of motivation, injury, stress, over a long period can swing the balance.

Check the Head-to-Head data

Events in sports are rarely random, it follows a historical pattern. That is why you must pay attention to the head-to-head data analysis. This will ensure that you choose the player most likely to win based on historical data. The head-to-head data will also give insight into the conditions that allow a player to dominate the match. This can be insightful when you want to bet on another betting market that is not the match-winner (1×2) market.

Check the style of play

Unlike other sports, tennis is an individual sport, so the individual style of play of the players carries more weight. Some players are wizards on grass courts, others swear by clay courts. Some players have an amazing serve, while others are very good at the return serve. In any case, you will want to study the playing style of the players you predict will win and the style of the opponent. With this information, you can now make more accurate predictions.

Tennis Predictions and Tips FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions concerning tennis predictions and tips

 How to play tennis predictions?

Tennis predictions are the options available to bet on a tennis match. Gamblers can take advantage of several prediction tips offered by prediction sites to place informed bets that can win a lot of money. You will want to check the history of the tipsters and the successes recorded before you put down your money on any bets.

Is tennis good for betting?

Yes, tennis is good for betting. Tennis may not be your first choice game to bet on, due to the lack of extensive betting markets, but it is a game to consider. You can win big on tennis betting when you understand the prediction markets and use betting tips from reliable tipsters.

Is betting on tennis legal?

Betting on tennis is a legal affair as long as you are betting with a licensed bookmaker especially in Kenya. There are a lot of them, but you can decide to register with several of them so you can easily change bookmakers because some of them do not renew their license and you don’t want to be left out. You can choose to pitch your tent with Betway, Betwinner, 22bet, Betsafe, Helabet, Dafabet, and a host of other betting sites.

How to always win in tennis betting?

Using tennis prediction tips as a guide when placing bets will increase your chances of making accurate tennis predictions and subsequently winning money. But it is not foolproof. Betting is a risky venture. That means that it is not possible to win every time you place a bet. So the tennis prediction tips are not a guarantee for winning every time. Remember to bet with only money you can afford to lose.

Which site is best for tennis prediction?

Several sites offer tennis predictions, some are free to join while others will require payment before you can view the tips posted. However, some of the best betting sites in Kenya offer tennis predictions to help bettors make informed choices when they place bets on games. There is Betway, Betsafe, Dafabet, 22bet to mention a few. You can decide between the individual sites or the bookmaker’s sites as your option of finding the correct tennis predictions.

Find out more about betting tips in our how to bet in Kenya guide.

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