SportyBet Review for 2024 | SportyBet Kenya App, Bonus, Login

SportyBet Kenya has quickly become one of Kenya’s best betting sites. Read this SportyBet review to find more about this operator!

How to Login at SportyBet Kenya?

In order to bet at SportyBet Kenya, every player must sign in to their account. If they are visiting the site for the first time, they will have to register first. Once they do it they will have an account for SportyBet Login.

Registration for SportyBet Kenya

  1. Here is how you register an account at SportyBet Kenya.1. First of all, find the ‘REGISTER’ or ‘JOIN NOW’ button at the top right corner of the screen. It will be bordered in white, so you should be able to notice it easily.
  2. Enter your phone number in the menu that appears. Make sure the phone number is correct. If you enter a wrong number, someone else’s account might get created.
    Also, keep in mind that the phone number must be a Kenyan number. Numbers from other countries will not be accepted. Only Kenyans are allowed to play at SportyBet Kenya.
    SportyBet account
  3. Set a password. Make sure it is a password that you can remember. Read the terms and conditions, then hit ‘Create New Account.’
  4. You will get an SMS message. This message confirms that the number is yours. Follow any instructions given in the text message. Your account should be ready now.

This process for SportyBet registration is the same on both mobile and desktop. After registration is complete, you can use your account.

There is actually an alternate way to register on mobile. You can send an SMS with “Join” to 29123. This will set up an account for your phone number. There will be no password, however.

To add a password, visit the website and click on the “Already Using SportyBet via SMS?” link below the ‘Log in’ button.

SportyBet Login Review

As we mentioned, before you can play any games, you must log in. This is the next step after creating your account.

A punter who has an account can now log in. On the desktop, the phone number and password boxes are at the top of the page. Enter those details, then click on ‘Log in’. On the mobile site, you will have to tap ‘Log in’ first before you can enter your SportyBet login credentials.

SportyBet Login Credentials

For players who already have an account but cannot remember their password, there is a ‘Forgot Password’ link. To reset the password, click on that link below the ‘Log in’ button.

Change Password

Then enter your phone number. An SMS message will be sent with a link. Visit the link to reset your password and set a new and hopefully more memorable password.

If you cannot register or sign in to SportyBet Kenya, the most common reason is that you are not in Kenya. If you are an international visitor, you will need to be currently in Kenya with a Kenyan SIM card before you can sign up or sign in. Using a VPN can also cause problems, so we don’t recommend that.

How to Claim SportyBet Kenya Bonus?

Once a new player signs up to SportyBet Kenya, the first thing on their mind is probably the welcome bonus. After all, they would have seen this SportyBet bonus advertised right on the front page.

SportyBet Welcome Bonus Review

The welcome bonus varies from time to time. Generally, it’s given out to new players right after their first deposit. So, if you see a ‘First Deposit Bonus’, assume that it is the welcome bonus.

The SportyBet Kenya bonus usually involves making a single deposit. Depending on how much you deposited, you will get a free bet gift based on the amount deposited. For the next few days, you can use that free money in any way you want.

Just keep the requirements in mind. You can only use the free bets bonus on specific bets. These bets have high odds, but since the money is free you aren’t risking anything.

Detailed info about the promotional offers and bonuses is on the promotions page on SportyBet Kenya’s website. Punters should check out the bonuses, requirements and any terms and conditions before they sign up.

SportyBet Other Bonuses Review

The welcome bonus isn’t the only one that is available. There are often other deposit and free bets bonuses. For example, there might be bonuses for a specific tournament or championship, a holiday bonus, etc.

Each of these SportyBet offers is an opportunity to earn a big reward. It could be bonus cash, free spins, risk-free bets, etc. All of them are a great way for you to have fun without risking or spending your money. They may have wagering requirements, but those should not be too much trouble.

Keep a lookout on SportyBet’s promotions page for details and news about further bonuses that are released.

How to Deposit at SportyBet Kenya?

There are two main ways to deposit at SportyBet. Only one requires you to be actually logged in on the website. The other option you can do from anywhere at any time, as long as you have your phone with you.

Top Up

To make a deposit from the website, follow these steps:

  1. Create an account, then enter your SportyBet login details to sign in.
  2. Find the ‘Deposit’ option on the website. Click on it to open up the deposit menu.
  3. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  4. Confirm the payment by selecting ‘Top Up Now’, then enter the PIN.


The second option for depositing is by using the M-Pesa app. For this, you must use the SportyBet Paybill number. Here are the steps:

  1. Launch the M-Pesa options menu and select ‘Payments.’
  2. Select ‘Pay Bill’ from the list of payments.
  3. Enter the SportyBet Paybill number, which is 202202. You can find the number on the website to confirm.
  4. Enter any other details needed. This includes the account name, which will be ‘SPORTYBET’. The amount of money to send, as well as your M-Pesa PIN, are also needed.
  5. After entering all of these correctly, confirm the request. The funds will be transferred from the M-Pesa account to the SportyBet account with the corresponding phone number.

SportyBet assumes that your account number and your M-Pesa number are identical. If they are different for some reason, you cannot deposit anything.

There are no special fees for making a deposit. Deposits are also instant, so the funds should appear a few seconds after confirming them. If there are any issues or confusion, you can contact customer support.

Why Can’t I Deposit into the SportyBet Account?

There are a lot of different possibilities for why you can’t deposit into the SportyBet account.

Incorrect Account Number

First of all, make sure the account number you are entering is correct. The User ID or Account ID is the same as your phone number. Also, make sure you actually have the amount to deposit in your M-Pesa balance.

Expired Account

Next, make sure your account is still active. If you violated any of the terms and conditions, then your account may be locked or terminated. If SportyBet assumes that your account has been hacked somehow, they may also lock it down temporarily. In these cases, you will not be able to deposit.

Incorrect Payment

Finally, there may be a problem with the payment itself. In this case, log in and click on the ‘Balance’ button. This will take you to a page with your account balance details and transaction history. Open the transaction history and visit the ‘Was Your Deposit Unsuccessful?’ page.

Enter the transaction number from M-Pesa to get an update on the status of your deposit. If this does not help, contact customer support. You can reach them via phone at 0207640825. You can also email them at or reach out via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

How to Make a Withdrawal at SportyBet Kenya?

After you have finished playing, you might want to withdraw your winnings in case you want to spend it somewhere else. Cashing out is simple and painless. There are no fees or charges for withdrawing from here — feel free to cash out as many times as needed.

Here are the steps for cashing out or withdrawing:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Visit your account page by tapping on ‘My Account.’ Find the ‘Withdraw’ option in the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter how much to withdraw. Keep in mind a few conditions. The first one is that you cannot withdraw funds that you have not played yet. Basically, you cannot deposit some money and then immediately withdraw it. You can play the funds through at least once.
    Another condition is a bonus offer. Some cash bonuses have wagering requirements. You can’t withdraw the bonus funds until you fulfil this requirement.
  4. Confirm the withdrawal. The funds will be transferred within a few minutes. Any carrier fees will apply from M-Pesa’s end, unfortunately.

If the funds have not appeared in M-Pesa after a while, then there may be a problem. Reach out to SportyBet Kenya’s customer service.

How to Download the SportyBet Kenya App?

SportyBet can be played from a web browser on both desktop and mobile. However, players on mobile can get a far superior experience by downloading the App.

SportyBet App

SportyBet iOS App Review

Unfortunately, there is no app download for the iOS app. Punters should use the website. The website has all the same features, so you won’t miss anything.

SportyBet Android App Review

The SportyBet app is available for all Android phones. It requires Android version 4.0.3 or higher. Any smartphone released in 2012 onwards should fulfil this requirement. Hence, there is no need to worry about software or hardware requirements.

The app can be downloaded in two ways. The first option is to open SportyBet’s website on a desktop. At the top of the navigation bar at the top, there will be a link to the ‘App’ page.

Android App

From this page, you can see the different ways to download the SportyBet app. Here are the steps.

  1. Start downloading the app. You can do it by scanning the QR code. Alternatively, if you are on a mobile phone, a download button will appear at the top.
  2. Wait for the download to finish. Don’t worry about any warning messages. We tested the app download and found that it is safe and secure.3. Once the APK download completes, tap on ‘Open’. The SportyBet App APK will automatically start installing. However, you may get an error message claiming that you cannot install from this app.
  3. In that case, click on ‘Settings’ and enable ‘Allow from this Source’. The option should be the same for all browsers, not just Chrome. After setting this, tap on ‘Install’.
    SportyBet Install unknown apps
  4. It should take just a few seconds for the app to install. Then, simply open it from the phone’s home screen. Enter your SportyBet login credentials and enjoy sports betting from anywhere.

SportyBet Jackpot Review

In this section we will discuss predictions and SportyBet tips. Most sports betting does not pay out much. They typically pay out 2x or 3x your initial bet, or maybe 10x on a very risky wager.

The SportyBet predictions for the jackpot work like this: a set of 12 games are selected on a weekly basis. The bookmaker handpicks these fixtures. They are all matches that would be tough to predict since they won’t let punters win the jackpot easily.

The jackpot revolves around 1×2 bets. One indicates the Home team wins. Two indicates the Away team wins. ‘X’ indicates that the two teams tie.

From the SportyBet predictions page, you can also view additional details. It includes previous results from the two teams, the specific odds of each outcome in the bet, etc.

If you get 11 predictions correct instead of 12, there is a consolation prize. A smaller consolation prize is available for anyone who got ten predictions correct instead.

When two of the matches are cancelled for some reason, the jackpot will also be cancelled. Players will be refunded the initial stake.

SportyBet Review FAQs

We will answer some common questions about SportyBet in this section of the review of SportyBet.

Is SportyBet Legal in Kenya?

Yes. SportyBet Kenya is a fully legal sportsbook where Kenyan punters can sign up. There is no need to worry about legality or security. SportyBet Kenya has a license from the Kenyan Betting Control and Licensing Board. The Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act, Cap 131 regulates this operator.
If you want to check their license for yourself, you can do so on the BCLB website. They are registered as SportyBet Ltd Trading under License Number. 0000241.
It is fully legal for everyone 18 years of age or above to register for and play at SportyBet Kenya.

How to Create a SportyBet Account?

There are two ways to create a SportyBet account. The first way is via SMS. If you text ‘Join’ to 29123, it will start the account creation process automatically.
Follow the instructions you receive in text. If you want to log in to the website afterwards, set a password.

Is SportyBet App Safe?

Yes. We have tested the SportyBet app and found that it is completely safe to use. The sportsbook has been audited and licensed by the Kenyan Betting Control and Licensing Board. So, you can rest assured it is a legitimate website.
SportyBet protects the customer’s data by using the latest SSL encryption technologies. Any hackers or cyber criminals will not access your personal or payment information.
Additionally, they will not disclose any personal information to third parties. All of this is outlined in their privacy policy.
The app itself is free of any kind of malware. You can download it to your phone safely. Make sure you download it from the sportsbook rather than from a third-party website.

Our SportyBet Kenya Review
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  • Mobile
  • Live Options

Our SportyBet Kenya Review

Overall, SportyBet Kenya is a solid sportsbook for punters in Kenya. The big pros of using SportyBet Kenya are the wide range of sporting games available and the big jackpot. Plus, payments for both deposits and withdrawals are extremely fast and convenient.

There are also different betting options like Live, Instant Virtuals and Scheduled Virtuals. Punters can also view the live scores of ongoing games. The app download is simple and includes all of these features as well.

There are some downsides, such as a lack of bonus offers at certain times and no iOS app. However, these are not huge issues, and the advantages make up for them.