Betway Livescore: Mobile Livescores and Results for 2024

Have you ever wondered what the Betway Livescore is and how to use it most effectively? In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Betway livescore today. The livescore can be accessed after registering with Betway sign up code!

What is Betway Livescore?

Live scores are exactly what the name suggests. They are the scores of sporting events updated in real-time and brought to you live.

The Betway livescore feature does that wonderfully. You can monitor the scores of the games on which you have placed bets right from the Betway site. You don’t need to jump back and forth from another sports website or app.

The livescore feature is available for every game that Betway accepts bets for. In some cases, you may also be able to enjoy live streams of the games.

In other words, the Betway livescore feature combined with the live stream feature gives you the opportunity to bet on and watch your favourite games from one single platform!

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Betway is one of the most well-known global betting partner sites out there. In fact, it sponsors many sporting events and teams. So, while it isn’t always considered an official betting partner, unofficially they are the go-to for sports betting.

That means Betway is very close to the action. You can rest assured that you will get the correct livescore, up to date, and in real-time. Whether it’s for a Premier League football match, the NFL, the Tennis Grand Slam or the Africa Cup of Nations, the Betway livescore is available.

Livescore Betway

Betway Livescore Predictions

Here are the most recent and up-to-date Betway predictions. Take a look at these Betway results before you start placing live bets!

How to Place a Live Bet on Betway?

Placing a Live Bet on Betway is quite simple. Just make sure that you have an active account on Betway with sufficient balance. If you are unsure if Betway is the right bookmaker for you, then give our Betway review a read first.

Once you have enough balance on your account, you are ready to start betting! Go to the ‘Sports’ or ‘In-Play’ section. Here, you will find a list of all the sporting events that have live matches currently ongoing. Some upcoming live matches will also be listed.

You can also check the date and time of a match from the sports section beforehand. That way, you know when to log in to find the live game.

Once you have found the live game you wish to bet on, you can place a 1×2 wager from the list. Just click on the odds number next to the names of the teams.

Alternatively, you can click on the names of the teams. This will take you to a page with a detailed list of all the betting markets that are available. Here, you can also check the livescore! The Betway Livescore today will be displayed at the top of the screen.

After you have placed a bet, open the Betslip. All the live bets that have been placed will be displayed here, along with their current odds. The stake amount, taxes and overall winnings are given for convenience.

Here, you can also choose different types of bets. If you chose bets for different markets in a single match, they will be single bets each. On the other hand, if you choose bets from different games, the multi-bet options are opened up.

Multi-bets include Trebles, Doubles, Trixies, Patents, and Folds. For specific multiples, you can also bet on unique bonus wagers like Heinz and Lucky-63.

Find the wagers you want to make, then confirm the bet.

How to Check Betway Results

Checking the Betway results is quite easy. To check the results of your previous bets, first log in. Go to your account profile page and select ‘Bet History’. This will show you the recent bets and their outcomes – win or lose.

Betway Results

You can check the status of a match in real-time with the Livescore. The livescore displays the playing field and position of a ‘ball’ in an animated graphic. This graphic shows which team has the ball, what action they are doing, such as attacking aggressively, etc.

Besides that, you can see the statistics for the match. For example, in a football game the statistics would include: head to head records, top scorers for each team, league position, win probability according to Betway, etc. It also includes info such as the team lineup and formation.

For a game in progress, goal attempts, fouls, corners and other info are also recorded, along with their times.

Basically, all the info you need to make a live bet is given in the livescore. Some of this info isn’t as obvious when you are watching the match live, such as team strategy or histories. So, the live score can actually be more helpful at times than watching the match live!