BetWinner Aviator | How to Play BetWinner Aviator in Kenya?

In Kenya, the BetWinner Aviator game offers a fair and transparent online gaming experience. This article explores how to access the game, play, and enjoy the blend of chance, risk, and strategy that defines Aviator.

BetWinner Aviator – Overview

BetWinner Aviator is a crash game with an aeroplane theme. Players place bets before a virtual plane takes off. The goal is to cash out before the plane disappears, multiplying your bet for potential wins.

However, you lose your bet if the plane vanishes before you cash out. It’s a gaming of quick decisions and luck, offering the thrill of watching the multiplier climb while battling the urge to cash out early. The excitement is like a rush of a high-speed car chase.

BetWinner Aviator Overview

How to Play Aviator on BetWinner?

Playing Aviator at BetWinner is straightforward, but mastering a few key strategies can help you understand the design and critical elements of the game to enhance your confidence, optimize your chances, and have fun.

  1. Locate the Aviator Icon
    • First, to start playing Aviator on the website, locate the Aviator Icon, represented by a red plane. The plane icon is typically on the left side after the home button in the website header. Clicking on this Aviator icon will direct you to the Aviator page. Once you’re there, find the “Log In” link on the right side of the header and input your login details.
  2. Fund Your Account
    • Before placing your bets for your aviator games, ensure your account has funds you are comfortable wagering. You can do this by clicking on the “$” symbol, which will give you access to various deposit options.
  3. Place Your Bet
    • After completing your first deposit, you can bet on Aviator. Upon opening the game, you’ll see the aeroplane and a multiplier displayed prominently. Choose your wager amount from the betting area, typically indicated by two green areas on the right and left sides.
  4. Be Ready for Takeoff
    • Once you’ve set your bet amount, it’s time for takeoff. Each round begins with a short betting window, during which you must place your bet before the timer runs out and the plane takes off. As the plane flies, the multiplier steadily increases.
  5. You Can Use the Double Bet Option
    • As you play Aviator, you can use the “Double Bet” feature to place two bets simultaneously. Our expert recommends that, when playing aviator games, it’s important to strategize your cash-out decisions – you can cash out early for a guaranteed but smaller win or hold on for a potentially larger payout with higher risk. However, remember that the plane disappears randomly at any point, making it impossible to predict the crash accurately.
  6. Focus on Cash-Out
    • In this case, your objective is to click the “Cash Out” button before the plane disappears, thus locking your winnings based on the current multiplier value. Remember, the higher the multiplier, the bigger your potential win.

However, the analysis we made from our research reveals that it’s vital you set a budget for aviator games and stick to it. While the play is undoubtedly thrilling, it carries risks, so approach it carefully and enjoy the excitement responsibly.

BetWinner Aviator Registration

BetWinner Aviator Game Rules

BetWinner implements specific rules for its Aviator game to ensure fairness, foster a positive gaming experience, and assist players in strategizing their bets effectively. You can find the rules down below.

Must Top-Up Your Account Before Betting

Before participating in Aviator on BetWinner, ensure your account is funded by topping it up with your desired amount.

That’s necessary before you place your bet and participate in the game. However, after completing our registration on the site, we found out that the betting site often provides welcome bonuses and promotions for free bets.

Bet Before Takeoff

The game rules require placing your bet before the virtual aeroplane takes off. It entails selecting your desired bet amount within the specified bet limits, ranging from a minimum of 0.1 USD to 100 USD to play Aviator.

After every round, you get a designated time window to place your bet before resetting for a new round, ensuring fair participation for all players.

Play Aviator on BetWinner

Cash Out Before Disappearance

During the round, as the virtual aeroplane flies and the multiplier increases, cash out by clicking the “Cash Out” button. Doing this before the aircraft disappears from the screen helps you to secure your winnings.

Otherwise, if you fail to cash out in time and the aircraft disappears, you will lose your bet for that round. However, BetWinner Casino automates cash-out at the current multiplier if a connection interruption occurs.

Bet Within Limits

BetWinner imposes certain bet limits to regulate gameplay. The minimum bet amount is 0.1 USD, ensuring accessibility for players with varying budgets.

On the other hand, the maximum bet amount permitted is 100 USD, providing a cap on individual bets. These limits help maintain fairness and balance within the game. However, remember that you also have a chance to get free bets.

A Pros and Cons Review

The Aviator game offers a fair and transparent gaming experience with an exciting blend of chance, risk, and strategy, making it engaging for players. However, it’s not without its cons. Here is a fair review of its pros and cons:

Simple and exciting gameplayThere’s no way to predict the crash point
Potential high wins if cashed out late
Ability to auto-cash out in case of internet loss
Fast-paced and engaging
Ability to auto-cash out in case of internet loss
The maximum bet limit enhances betting responsibility

With more pros than cons, we rate the bookmaker as one of the best options in the region for its betting transparency and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Here are common inquiries about Aviator betting and their precise responses to help you save time and confidently navigate the game. Our investigations allow you to make informed Aviator betting choices.

Absolutely. Aviator is readily accessible on the BetWinner platform, offering players an exciting gaming experience.

Whether you’re on the website or the app, you can make your first deposit, utilize free bets, and dive into the thrill of Aviator with just a few clicks.

To find Aviator on BetWinner, locate the header links on the left side of the site. Look for the aviator symbol, represented by a red plane. Click on the symbol, and you’re ready to explore and flow with the game. Afterwards, log in to your BetWinner account, and you’re all set to play.

Registering for Aviator on BetWinner is straightforward. Use their website or download the app, then click the “Registration” button on the header. Enter your phone number, name, confirmation code, and password.

However, you must click “Send SMS” on the phone number button to receive the confirmation code.

Then confirm agreement to the terms and conditions and click “REGISTER.” Now you’re all set to access Aviator and other games. Keep your password for your subsequent logins.

To withdraw money from BetWinner, log in to your account. Then, locate the deposit symbol, represented by “$,” and click on it to navigate to the payment page.

Find the deposit and withdrawal links on the top right and click “Withdrawal.” Then, choose your preferred withdrawal system, enter the withdrawal amount, and follow the instructions to complete the process.

Whether it is the thrill of a Ford Mustang or the dependability of a Ford Focus, players can expect an engaging experience with Betwinner Aviator.