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What are Dafabet Predictions?

Last modified: 2022-07-01 14:49:47 UTC+ 0
Gamba Osaka vs Urawa Red Diamonds
J. League
02/07 12:00
Urawa Red Diamonds to win
Ricardo Rodriguez (the coach of Urawa) has won 6 of 8 matches vs Tomohiro Katanosaka who is the manager of the host team so I think Ricardo knows very well the Japanese and this thing can mean a huge advantage...
Ilves-Kissat vs EPS
Kakkonen - Lohko B
02/07 17:00
Ilves-Kissat to win
Ilves Kissat have won 3 times at home this season out of 4 matches so even though EPS lost only 1 of 4 visiting matches this season I still think the offered odds are good enough to risk some real coins...
GIF Sundsvall vs Malmoe FF
01/07 19:00
Malmoe FF to win
Hallo all This SINGLEBET, is coming from Sweden, as GIF Sundsvall are facing Malmo FF Well, the todays win was everything but convincing from Malmo... but they have managed, to get it done and they need...
Malmoe FF vs Vikingur Reykjavik
Champions League Qualification
05/07 19:00
Malmoe FF to win
Hallo all This is the second match, of that Wuhan doublebet and its coming from the CLΓ– Qualification matches, first round, as Malmo FF ( Swe ) are facing Vikingur Reykjavik ( Ice )... first leg Yeah...
Ludogorets Razgrad vs Sutjeska
Champions League Qualification
05/07 19:45
Ludogorets Razgrad to win
Hallo all Another doublebet.... both matches are coming from the CL Qualification matches, first round + first leg... and its played @ 1.28 with betathome The first match, is Ludogorets Razgrad ( Bul...

Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

Dafabet is one of the recommended betting sites in Kenya that offers a wide range of jackpot prediction games for punters who prefer trying their luck on jackpots. These games have a high-reward potential, and you are only required to predict the outcome of a certain number of football fixtures. As a beginner, the Dafabet tips discussed below will help you get started. The available football prediction games include:

  • Half Time/Full Time (HT/FT) Jackpot
  • Daily Jackpot
  • High Roller Jackpot
  • The Premiership Jackpot
  • La Liga Jackpot
  • Weekend ChapChap Jackpot
Dafabet Predictions in Kenya

Half Time/Full Time Jackpot

This is one of the most popular and straightforward Dafabet jackpots since you are only required to correctly predict the three-way result (Half Time/Full time and Regular time) of 6 games. With just KSH 50, you can try your luck with this Dafabet prediction today, which has a prize pool of KSH 1,000,000. If you happen to get 5 out of the 6 predictions correct, you will still earn a consolation prize of KSH 50,000.

Daily Jackpot

This Dafabet predictions jackpot takes place every day, and you only need KSH 10 to place your predictions and stand a chance to win the Daily Jackpot prize of KSH 100,000.Β  You have to select 10 correct outcomes to get the pool prize, but even with 9 correct picks, you will still walk away with KSH 10,000.

High Roller Jackpot

As the name suggests, the ticket prices for this jackpot are high, and you will have to part with KSH 1,000 to participate. The High Roller Jackpot is based on English matches. You will be required to correctly pick the three-way (1X2) outcomes of 10 games to win the ultimate prize pool of KSH 1,000,000. With 9 correct predictions, you will be awarded a Dafabet jackpot bonus worth KSH 150,000.

The Premiership Jackpot

Compared to the jackpots on the website, this is one of the easiest and is a recommendable option for a new bettor. While you still need to correctly pick the three way results of 10 games, the featured matches are not hard to predict. With a ticket worth KSH 99, you can win KSH 100,000 for 10 correct predictions. There is a KSH 15,000 bonus for 9/10 correct picks.

La Liga Jackpot

This is an excellent option for bettors who prefer wagering on La Liga teams. The jackpot prize is set at KSH 100,000 for 10 correct three-way outcomes. The ticket only cost KSH 50.

Weekend ChapChap Jackpot

Major football leagues are held on weekends, which means there are tons of betting opportunities. However, if you have an extra KSH 99 to spare, you can try your luck at hitting the jackpot prize worth over KSH 20,000,000.

Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

Dafabet Prediction Tips

Dafabet jackpot predictions are popular betting opportunities for football punters where you are required to predict the result of a certain number of games correctly. In most cases, you will be required to have 10 correct picks to win the ultimate pool prize. Luckily, there are Dafabet jackpot bonuses for incorrect predictions. However, these consolation bonuses are significantly lower compared to the pool prize.

While getting all 10 or more matches can be daunting, the ticket costs are low, and as such, you have a chance to win a life-changing prize with minimal commitment.Β  More so, there are Dafabet prediction tips to help you make informed selections. These Dafabet tips include:

Understand the recent form of both teams

You need to know if there are leading players who have injuries and will not be participating. Also, check if there are players who have been on the beach and are likely to be included in the match as substitutes. Are there new signings or a change in management?

Playing at home vs away

There is always an advantage of playing at home, but it is crucial to check how the home team has previously performed when facing a particular visiting team.

Consider the most recent performance

If a team has been on a winning streak, are they likely to maintain the trajectory? In case of a losing record, what changes have they implemented to help increase their attacking or defending power?

Assess weather and pitch conditions

Weather is a crucial influence on a football game. For example, rain makes the pitch slippery, which leads to incomplete passes. Wet/snowy conditions can increase injuries. On scorching days, the ball becomes over-inflated, which impacts pass precision.

Dafabet Predictions FAQs

Is Dafabet safe?

Yes. Dafabet is licensed by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. This is an assurance that the betting site meets the requirements of providing a safe and secure platform. Additionally, they use the latest Firewall technology, which keeps all the information shared on the site encrypted.

What is the minimum stake at Dafabet Jackpot?

The minimum stake depends on the Dafabet Jackpot you choose to play. Both the Half Time/Full Time and the Daily Jackpot cost KSH 10. You will need KSH 99 for the Weekend ChapChap and The Premiership. The La Liga jackpot costs KSH 50, while the High Roller is the most expensive, going for KSH 1,000.

What is the maximum winning at Dafabet Jackpot? The available jackpots at Dafabet have varying pool prizes, and some offer life-changing amounts worth millions. The Weekend ChapChap is the most rewarding with an over KSH 20,000,000 prize pool. Both the Half Time/Full Time and High Roller have a KSH 1,000,000 reward. On the other hand, the Premiership, La Liga and the Daily Jackpot are worth KSH 100,000.

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