Dafabet Virtual | How to Play Dafabet Virtual Sports in Kenya?

Nowadays, virtual sports and games are becoming more popular, so we have decided to write a guide on Dafabet virtual sports to help Kenyans make use of this interesting sport.

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Dafabet Virtual Betting – Overview

Virtual sports are computer games that are based on real sports, such as virtual cricket, football, or horse racing, and played visually on the screen. Dafabet is one of the leading virtual sports betting sites in which, if you love virtual games, you can get the best betting experience.

The aim of this game is to create the experience of being at a real sports event, even if it is just virtually. The bookmaker achieves this using some of the best graphics to show the players, the ground, and other aspects of the game.

A consistent stream across a range of sports is available 24/7, offering easy-to-play betting markets for new and skilled punters alike. Moreover, our research shows that Dafabet virtual sports betting is supported on various devices such as desktop and mobile devices.

You will be able to bet on all virtual games including football, cricket, horse racing and more using the operator.

Quick gameplay and outcomesLimited betting strategy
Multiple sport optionsPotential for addiction
Non-stop betting 
High quality graphics 
Dafabet Virtual

How to Play Virtual on Dafabet?

Placing virtual sports bets at Dafabet is exactly the same as placing a bet on any other sport. To play virtual sports on Dafabet you need to follow the following steps:

Create your Dafabet account

You need to create a Dafabet account before you can start playing virtual sports.

The registration process is straightforward. This is how to register at this sportsbook. 

  1. Visit the official website of Dafabet.
  2. Then navigate to the “Join now” button at the top of the page and click on it.
  3. Enter the required information such as your phone number and then create a strong password for your account.
  4. Confirm that you are of legal age and agree with the bookmaker’s terms of use, and click the “Submit” button. 
Dafabet Registration

Once your account is created successfully, you can login to your account and make your first deposit. The bookmaker has a welcome bonus for all new Kenyan players, and it can be automatically credited once you deposit the minimum required amount.

Step 2: Make a deposit: Dafabet caters to all customers, offering a range of deposit methods to suit Kenyan players. Depositing money into your Dafabet account is a simple process. 

You just need to navigate to the cashier section, choose the deposit method and then enter the amount you wish to deposit before confirming. After completing our registration on the site and making our first deposit, the funds were reflected in the account instantly.

Place your bets

Once you click on the virtuals, you will find all types of sports represented in virtual formats. These sports include football, ice hockey, cricket, horse racing and greyhounds, speed skating, and more.

Choose a sport that you like and load it up and then make your selection. You can enjoy plenty of options including winner bets, over/under bets, total points bets and more.

After making your selection, you need to enter a stake, which normally displays the potential returns, and then be asked to confirm your bet by clicking on the place bet button. 

Now you can wait for the game to start. These virtual games normally last a few seconds, and the results are promptly displayed, ensuring a rapid and engaging betting experience.

Placing Your Bets

Dafabet Virtual Game Rules

Every online casino has its own set of rules that govern the gameplay.

It’s important to understand and follow the specific rules of the game you are playing. This also applies when playing at Dafabet, you must follow a few rules.

Our expert noted the main rules that every player needs to be aware of when betting on virtual sports:

All Bets Must Be Accepted Before The Event Starts

Bets placed after the start of the event or game will be voided. Meaning that, if your bet someway is accepted after the game has started, your wager will be voided.

The site aims to create a fair playing field for all players. Therefore, all bets must be placed before the game starts.

Bet Will Be Settled When the Game Is Over

When betting on virtual games, you get a payout once the bet has “settled”.

This means that the event in question must be over, and the final result is known. Only then will a bet be paid out, if it has won.

Multiple Accounts Is Prohibited

Creating more than one Dafabet account is strictly prohibited. Normally, the casino will suspend the second account that has been created and start an investigation.

If the casino deem the accounts were active and the user was trying to gain an advantage in some way by using many accounts. In such situations, Dafabet would remove all the accounts, and ban the players.

Virtual Games Review

It might appear strange, but virtual games have been confirmed to be a huge hit with gamers all over the world. From the analysis we made, we can confirm that virtual sports are not new.

The first virtual sport was created in 1961 by IBM Engineer John Burgeson. Since then, more advanced games with improved graphics paved the way for great immersion in the world of virtual betting.

The good thing about virtual sports is that they are played 24/7 allowing players to place bets at any time of the day and night. To increase user engagement, virtual games feature high-quality graphics and realistic commentary.

You will be impressed by the picture quality and the graphics are stunning. The camera angles are modern, and the sound effects add extra realism.

This offers a thrilling environment, imitating the excitement of real sports events. Everything looks as real as you would like to see in the real game.

Also, we have found that all of the outcomes of the games are done by using a random number generator (RNG) or via advanced algorithms that are highly regulated to ensure that the integrity of the outcomes is not compromised.

Virtual Games Review


Finally, we conclude our Dafabet virtual sports guide by answering some of the most frequently asked questions. Find the answers:

Yes, you can find a variety of betting markets available in the virtual sports section. This is mainly so with virtual football, horse races, and virtual cricket which give punters various betting options.

To find the virtual sports, all you have to do is log in to your account, navigate to the virtual sports section until you find the sport that suits you and click on the odds.

Registering an account at Dafabet online casino is a simple and intuitive process. To sign up, visit the Dafabet website and click on the “Join now” button. It will open a tab with the registration form.

There, fill in all the required fields including mobile number and password. Confirm your details and click the “Submit” button. New customers are given a welcome bonus after making their first deposit.

To withdraw, log in to your account by entering your phone number and password, go to the cashier section at the top right corner of the screen, then select withdrawal, enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Withdraw.” Wait for confirmation.

Dafabet withdrawal time can take 1-4 business days. However, withdrawals are usually processed faster.