Ex Man United star claims Casemiro arrived heavy for pre-season but is being disrespected by his teammates

Casemiro has been looking shaky this season and according to Paul Parker some of the explanation behind it might be that the Brazilian arrived a bit heavy for the pre-season. 

Manchester United´s performances this season has been far from last season, where the Red Devils managed to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League. 

One of the players that have looked poor compared to last season is Casemiro, but Parker believes that the Brazilian will perform better when he has stability around him, however, he claims that the midfielder arrived a bit heavy for the pre-season. 

Casemiro looked a bit heavy when he arrived for pre-season

Casemiro has been one of the standout players in his position for more than a decade, but this season the Brazilian midfielder has been criticised a lot. 

Parker still believes that Casemiro will be a key player for Man United this season, once the team starts functioning better. 

“Casemiro did look a bit heavy when he came back from holiday before the pre-season. I could imagine that his performances have been affected by that.”

“But Eric Cantona was always heavy when we started the pre-season but then the season started and he was there to perform 100%. Eric didn’t enjoy the pre-season at all”

“We have to say that Man United are lacking stability at the moment. Raphael Varane and Lisandro Martinez are injured and Erik ten Hag haven’t played with the trio on the midfield with Casemiro, Eriksen and Fernandes, which Casemiro enjoyed so much to be a part of.”

“I still think that he will be able to turn things around when the team starts performing better. Right now it looks like he is trying too much because he knows he won’t get hard work from the players around him.”

Casemiro is being disrespected by his teammates

Even though Parker is well aware that Casemiro has been underperforming this season, he leaves a scratching attack on the majority of the Man United squad, who according to Parker is acting disrespectfully to a player who has a lot more games in his bank than his teammates.  

“He wants to attack, defend, go into the duels, run with the ball, get into the box and get all the way back to make a tackle in his own box and I get why he is doing it but it’s wrong.”

“It’s like the kid in school who is so much better than the rest so he wants to do everything himself but in the end it makes him look bad, even though he does it from a good heart.”

“He does it because the younger players around him are just walking around. Rasmus Hojlund is the only one who is working hard and a lot of the players are being disrespectful to Casemiro by the way they just walk around on the pitch. Casemiro is trying his best but it’s not working at the moment ”

“Casemiro is a super player, so I have no doubt that he will improve once he gets this stability around him. He needs some help from the players around him.”