Paul Parker Praises Unsung Hero: Crazy Appetite

Scott McTominay is Manchester United’s Premier League top goalscorer this season, and Paul Parker praises the Scotsman after his goal against Aston Villa. 

Scott McTominay has really shown his goal scoring abilities this season for both Manchester United and Scotland, however the Scotsman tends to go a bit under the radar, as he is also far from a regular starter at Manchester United. 

Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker is usually a big critic of Scott McTominay, but he is full of admiration for his appetite for goals and praises his effort to force things to happen when he is playing. 

He even says that his attitude is an example to follow for other players. 

“I have been impressed with McTominay´s attitude. I still don’t think he is good enough to be a starter for a team that wants to win titles, but he is showing something that not many players show at Man United”, says Parker to bettors and continues: 

“His goal against Aston Villa shows what hard work and willingness to run can do. He only made that goal because he made a run, which Marcus Rashford never does.”

“Rashford is always waiting for the pass, but McTominay was running to get the ball even though he had no guarantee to get his head on it. Rashford wants guarantees and you can never get that in football.”

Well done, lad!

“You have to make things happen, which McTominay did very well. He shows that he wants to prove a point, which I really love about him.”

“He has a crazy appetite. He forced that situation by his run, because he made it happen. Your phone only rings if you make it ring.”

“Well done, lad. You´re showing how you should act when fighting for your club as a local boy.”