Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions and Tips

Do you rely on trustworthy football predictions for your betting decisions? We have brought together the most reliable and accurate Eredivisie predictions so that you can bet on one of the best football leagues in the world.

What Are Eredivisie Predictions for Today?

Last modified: 2022-08-08 11:26:50 UTC+ 0
Yield: 1.49%
Go Ahead Eagles vs PSV Eindhoven
13/08 18:45
Under 3 goals
Good day. In the game week 2 of the Netherlands Eredivisie we will witness Go Ahead Eagles as they host PSV Eindhoven at the De Adelaarshorst. PSV Eindhoven finished last season second on the league and...
Yield: 1.49%
Sparta Rotterdam vs AZ Alkmaar
14/08 16:45
Under 2.5 goals
Sparta Rotterdam - AZ Alkmaar These two teams are close in terms of recent form and I expect a good defensive display from both teams which should lead to few goals here. As regards recent matches, the...

Eredivisie Table

Which Team Is Most Likely to Win the Eredivisie?

When it comes to Eredivisie predictions, it is impossible to predict the winner with complete certainty. As reliable publishers of Eredivisie betting tips and most major Dutch league predictions, we will mislead you by claiming anything so outrageous.

That said, we can provide some insights so that you can make better betting choices. For example, the Eredivisie championship has alternated between Ajax and PSV for the past decade or so. The only exception was the 2016-17 season when Feyenoord emerged victoriously.

The current 2021-22 points table also has Ajax, PSV, and Feyenoord occupying the top 3 positions. Therefore, one can reasonably make Eredivisie predictions that either Ajax or PSV is likely to win the championship. Feyenoord, too, can win if they have a better performance in the rest of their games than the top 2 teams.

How Did We Choose Our Eredivisie Predictions?

We will discuss below some of the factors that we have taken into account when making predictions.

Previous Winners

It is important to note records such as most titles won, most titles in a row, performance in the preceding season, etc.

For example, Ajax holds the record for most titles won in the history of the league. It has also been the title winner in the previous season. In other words, they are the current reigning champions. Though they do not hold the record of most consecutive titles, they have won quite a few titles in succession in the past decade.

That is why betting on Ajax to be the next title winner seems to be one of the best Eredivisie betting tips considering the data so far.


In addition to looking at past performance in terms of overall points, the most accurate Eredivisie betting tips requires looking at game-to-game performances. For example, despite being the best team, Ajax may have a lower win rate against some teams or on some venues.

If they have too many such opponents or unfavourable venues in the remaining tournament, their probability of becoming champions may decrease.

Game-to-game performance records can also come in handy when making Eredivisie predictions for specific games.


Furthermore, there is a wide range of statistics that can come in handy when making predictions.

For example, there are home and away records. If a team has a bad away record and most of their remaining games are away matches, their chances of moving up the points ladder would be lower.

Eredivisie Predictions And Tips

How to Bet on the Eredivisie?

Several major sportsbooks in Kenya offer the opportunity to bet on Eredivisie matches. The type of bets available at these sites is also quite reasonably extensive.

Basically, you just need to have an account, choose a game that you desire, and bet first. Then, you can select that bet and specify the amount you want to wager. There should be a ‘Confirm’ button or something along those lines. Once you click and confirm, the bet will appear on your bet slip.

However, keep in mind that bonuses, odds, and other additional features can make a huge difference. You should compare the sportsbooks before placing your bet. For example, compare which site has the best bonuses and the best odds. Then, look at features like user-friendliness, customer support, live streaming facilities, ease of deposits and withdrawals, etc.

Only when you choose the best Kenyan sportsbook can you make sure your Dutch league predictions will yield the best results.

Eredivisie Predictions FAQs

We answer some of the frequently asked questions about Eredivisie below.

What is the meaning of Eredivisie?

The word ‘Eredivisie’ translates to ‘honour division’ or ‘premier division.’ It is named so because the tournament is the highest level of professional football domestically within the Netherlands.

When does Eredivisie start?

The Eredivisie generally starts in August and ends in May of the following year. For example, the current 2021-22 season began on 14 August 2021 and is due to end on 15 May 2022.

Where to watch the Eredivisie?

ESPN is the official broadcaster of the Dutch Eredivisie football league in Kenya. In addition, you can access live streams of matches on many sports betting sites such as Betway.

Who has won the most Eredivisie?

Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (AFC Ajax) holds the record for the highest number of titles in the Dutch Eredivisie.

When is the Eredivisie final?

The Eredivisie is based on a double round-robin league format where each team plays all the others twice, once at home and once away. The team with the highest points total is declared champion. Therefore, there is no knockout final. That said, the final game in the current 2021-22 season is due to be held on 15 May 2022.