FA Cup Predictions for 2022 | Top FA Cup Tips Today

Did you know that FA Cup betting tips from seasoned gamers and football enthusiasts can increase the chances of predicting the correct result? Read on to find out which FA Cup predictions and tips we have for you today.

What Are FA Cup Predictions for Today?

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Yield: 4.4%
Oxford vs Arsenal
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Over 4.5 goals
Oxford vs Arsenal. football match from FA Cup from England. Oxford in the last 10 games scored 18 goals, an average 1.80 goals per game, last match played against Exeter and ended with 5 goals. Arsenal...
Yield: 6.09%
Cardiff vs Leeds
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Leeds to win Draw No Bet
This could be a tough encounter between Cardiff who belong to the 2nd tier of the UK football system and Leeds who are a member of the Premier League. Neither of these two teams have a pretty good season...
Yield: 6.09%
Aston Villa vs Stevenage
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Stevenage +1.50 in 1st half (AH)
Even though Stevenage are coming from a lower league I still think they will be able to get a close result in the 1st half because they have got a decent defence and we're talking about an FA Cup match...
Yield: 6.09%
Blackpool vs Nottingham Forest
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Nottingham Forest to win Draw No Bet
To be honest the difference is not too big between these two teams so probably we will see here a close final result but Nottingham Forrest are getting better and better round by round in the Premier League...
Yield: -3.03%
Oxford vs Arsenal
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Over 5.5 goals
On the 7th of January Arsenal will be playing against Oxford in England and I expect more than five goals in this match because Arsenal is a top Premier League side and Oxford is a second division side....
Yield: -3.03%
Oxford vs Arsenal
FA Cup
07/01 16:00
Arsenal (-4) (EH)
Arsenal and Oxford will go head-to-head in England and I expect Arsenal to win by more than five goals and I will be going with a European handicap. The last head to head game between them finished in...

How to Bet on FA Cup Predictions?

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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
Sheffield Wednesday
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
Unfortunately no odds are available at this point. Please check back later.
3:00 pm November 26, 2022
Stockport County
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
AFC Wimbledon
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
Harrogate Town
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3:00 pm November 26, 2022
Milton Keynes Dons
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Which Team Is Most Likely to Win the FA Cup?

Odds from Paddy Power show that Man City, Liverpool, and Chelsea have the best chances of winning the FA Cup. According to the Bookmaker’s FA Cup tips, Man City’s odds of winning the coveted trophy is 2.88. Meanwhile, Liverpool’s odds are 5.0 while Chelsea’s odds are 5.55.

You might not know this, but odds are a good indicator of which team might win the tournament. Our team believes that Liverpool will win the 2021-2022 FA Cup. Read on to find out our reason for this prediction.

First, we believe that Liverpool has the motivation to clinch the trophy this season because they won their last trophy in 2020. This trophy ended a three-decade wait for the EPL title. The Premier League giants have not won any silverware since their successful 2019-2020 season. As you can see, the team is motivated to add some silverware to its prize collections.

Second, Liverpool is in second place in the English Premier League table. The team has been posting consistent results this season. What’s more, none of its star players is out on injuries. Liverpool also has an excellent away record against elite teams, and this means that it can also cruise past opponents from low-tier divisions during the tournament.

Lastly, the 2021-2022 EPL title is for Man City to lose. Consequently, Liverpool might be planning to focus its efforts on the FA Cup if they are to salvage this season. It is also important to remember that anything can happen in the world of football, and our prediction might not come to pass. For this reason, you should gamble on the FA Cup responsibly.

Football Field

How Did We Choose Our FA Cup Predictions?

We are die-hard fans of the FA Cup and football as a sport. So it only made sense to use our combined experience and understanding of the game to come up with the FA Cup tips and predictions using the following metrics.


While more than 700 teams play the FA Cup, only 21 have emerged victorious at one point. Arsenal is the most successful team with 14 trophies, while Leicester only has one trophy. As you can see, the more we break down the statistics, the more we can generate accurate FA Cup predictions. Statistics will also help you understand how each team performs under different conditions.

Previous Winners

Believe it or not, the defending champions usually have a high chance of retaining their title if they enter the tournament while in great form. It is also worth noting that the previous winners are usually motivated to retain the trophy. So, don’t hesitate to back them if they post consistent great results.


The favourites usually have the best squad, excellent track record in the tournament, and motivation to win. You can know the favourites –even without betting tips or football predictions since they enjoy a lot of support.


A higher-ranking team is more likely to win the FA Cup than lower-ranking teams, especially the ones in the low division. So, use the information on team standings when predicting the outcome of the FA cup.

How to Bet on the FA Cup?

Betting on the FA Cup is becoming popular across the world since more countries are relaxing their company policies. If you are a newbie at online gambling, you might be wondering how you can bet on the FA Cup. You have come to the right place to learn all about some of the common bets you can place on the tournament. So, let’s get started with popular FA Cup tips.

FA Cup Betting

Half-time/Full-time (Money Line Bets)

A half-time money line FA Cup predictions allow you to stake on the half-time results of a football match. You can wager on this betting market if you want to stake on a Home Win, Away Win, or Draw at half-time. In contrast, a full-time money line bet allows players to wager on the full-time results of a football match. Likewise, you could bet on a Home Win, Away Win, or Draw at full-time.


“ACCA” (accumulator) FA Cup predictions help players to bet on two or more outcomes with more success. For instance, instead of betting on Manchester United versus Manchester City and Arsenal versus Liverpool on separate bet slips, the accumulator bet allows you to place these games on a single bet.

Goalscorer Betting

Are you good at predicting the scorers? If so, FA Cup predictions for goalscorer betting is for you since it allows gamers to predict who will score during a football match.

Double Chance

Some games in the FA Cup are close. Predicting the outcomes of these games can be very difficult, and this is why you can use the double chance market FA Cup predictions to bet on two outcomes at the same time. For instance, trying to predict the outcome of a Manchester derby can be a feat if both teams are in excellent form. Therefore, you can opt to bet on:

  • Home Win or Draw,
  • Away Win or Draw,
  • Home Win or Away Win.

Correct Score

With this bet, you should correctly predict the outcome of a match in the FA Cup tournament. Players who want to wager on this bet with success should use reliable FA Cup predictions. Similarly, players need to consider form, results from past meetings, available squad.

Over or Under

Can you predict how many times a particular event will happen during a match if you had FA Cup predictions? These events can include goals, corners, cards, goal kicks, and more.

Draw or No Bet

Unlike the bets that we have discussed, the draw or no bet is the only bet that refunds your money if a particular outcome does not take place. Note that you will receive your stake if the game’s outcome is not a draw, and this is among the best betting tips.

Selection of the Best Bookmakers

You will find boosted odds, FA Cup promotions, and rewards on the best bookmakers. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that gamers have different tastes and preferences. What’s more, what one player might regard as an excellent gaming platform might not be the preferred platform for another gamer. Fortunately, leading bookmakers have similar key features. You can learn about them below from the following betting tips.

FA Cup Betting Tips

Reliable Payment Methods

Play on sites with flexible banking methods. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to bet on your favorite. But this can happen when your bookmaker doesn’t support a variety of banking methods. The great news is that the best platforms allow you to transact with a variety of payment methods. The popular ones include:

  • Credit & debit cards, such as Visa and MasterCard,
  • E-wallets like Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller,
  • Bank transfer,
  • Cryptocurrencies.

Trusted Bookmakers

Check for legit and verifiable licenses. It is important to verify the availability and authenticity of the license displayed on a bookmaker’s site. Also, promotional material and official social media handles should be checked.

Mobile Betting

Opt to play on sites that offer secure, immersive & fast mobile betting. Mobile gaming is more popular than ever, and this is why the best bookies allow players to enjoy gaming from mobile devices. These mobile gaming platforms also support secure and fast payment methods.

Promotions and Welcome Offers

Confirm the availability of offers and reward programs. Signing up on leading online gaming sites will allow you to enjoy bonuses and promotions. New and existing gamers can claim these player incentives. Besides regular offers, the best betting sites also have reward programs that help you earn redeemable points.

Betting Market

Confirm the availability of comprehensive betting markets. When it comes to betting markets, the more, the better. For this reason, sites with comprehensive betting markets are the most sought-after gaming destinations. These platforms will have extensive betting markets.

FA Cup Predictions FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about the FA Cup.

When Does the FA Cup Start?

The tournament usually starts in early August. However, sometimes delays can happen. It will help you to visit the FA official website and head navigate to the “Competitions” page if you want a full schedule of the tournament –not just its start date. 

When Is the FA Cup Final?

Saturday, May 14, is the designated date for the 2022 FA Cup Final. Football enthusiasts and gamers who want to immerse themselves in action can secure tickets to the Wembley Stadium or find a way of watching the game on the said date.

How to Watch the FA Cup?

Football fans will be pleased to hear that they do not need a premium TV subscription to watch the FA Cup final. You can watch the game live on BBC One if you don’t want to miss out on how the events unfold. The game will also be available for live stream online. Therefore, you can use the BBC iPlayer or other sports streaming services to watch the game while on the go.

Who Is number 1 in the FA Cup?

The Gunners have the best track record in the FA Cup tournament’s history. With 14 wins, Arsenal is the most successful team in the FA Cup’s illustrious history. What’s more, the team has been runners-up in the competition seven times. If you are an Arsenal fan, you will be proud to learn that Arsene Wenger is the most successful coach in the competition after leading arsenal to 7 wins.

Who Is the FA Cup Top Scorer?

Believe it or not, the highest scorer in the FA Cup history only needed 44 appearances to net 49 goals. So, who’s the player? Notts County fans will be happy to know that the tournament’s top scorer is Harry Cursham –who at one point beat the goalkeeper six times during an 11-1 thrashing of Wednesday Strollers.