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The purpose of this article is to discuss handball predictions and tips with a focus on how to bet in Kenya on the sport. Handball is a popular betting sport which means there is demand for profitable handball tips, especially in the over and under and 1Γ—2 markets which we will explain in more detail as part of this handball feature.

Free Handball Predictions

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How to Bet on Handball Predictions

Here is a guide to betting on handball and free handball betting tips:

Handball Rules

Handball is a team sport in which the objective is to score more goals than the opposition. It is very popular for betting so there is a need for winning handball tips. Each team has seven players, six players and a goalkeeper. The team structures are suited to betting on the sport. For example, bookmakers in Kenya offer goalscorer markets which create an interest in handball tips.

Matches are played in two halves of 30 minutes, so bookmakers in Kenya offer handball betting on the first half and the match. Players are shown a yellow card as a warning. The referee can also show a red card which means a player is disqualified from the match for two minutes. You could receive free handball predictions on the number of yellow and red cards.

Betting Markets

Handball is very much an attack and defence sport, and possession of the ball is key to the outcome. A handball match can produce on average one goal per minute which is good for handball betting. The range of markets means bettors in Kenya are interested in predictions and tips for the sport. For a typical match, you can bet on the following markets:

  • Match winner or 1Γ—2
  • Handicaps
  • Totals
  • Odd/Even
  • Double Chance
  • Goalscorers
  • Cards
  • First Half
  • Second Half

There are many sources of predictions for these markets. Many matches are shown live on television or live streamed, which creates more interest in handball betting. Bookmakers offer live betting on matches and that adds to the demand for successful handball betting tips. There is the cash out option for selected matches and markets which enhances the handball betting experience.

Handball Leagues

Handball is a global sport but the best leagues are the main domestic leagues in Europe. There is a great deal of handball betting on competitions in Spain, Germany, France, Denmark and Norway. These leagues are the most popular for betting and free handball betting tips. There are very few strong domestic leagues in Africa, including Kenya.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) Champions League is the equivalent of the Champions League in football. It brings together the leading club sides in Europe and generates plenty of betting. There is the group stage and knockout rounds which culminate in the final. This match is one of the most popular for any handball prediction.

Handball is played at international level and the main competitions are as follows:

  • World Championships
  • Olympics
  • African Championship
  • All-Africa Games
  • European Championships

Kenya does not have a strong national team so they are rarely included in any handball predictions and tips. The national team’s best performance was finishing 5th in the 1987 All-Africa Games. That means the nation is not a good option in any handball betting. Many handball predictions focus on the other international tournaments in the list.

What Is Over and Under in Handball?

You can bet on over or under the number of goals in a handball match. This market is similar to over/under betting in football. The odds are quoted in half goals which eliminates the tie. You can bet on over and under the number of goals in the first half and full match. This market is updated during matches for which there is live betting, and you can cash out bets. There are roughly the same number of goals in the first half and second half of matches.

A typical over and under total for a handball match is 55.5 goals. The main domestic leagues in Europe produce on average 50 to 60 goals. If the final score is 30-27, the over market has won because there have been 57 goals. However, if the final score is 29-25, the under market has won as the goals total is 54. Bets are settled in the same way in first-half over and under betting. Finals scores can be difficult to predict, so there is the need for over and under handball tips.

What Is 1Γ—2 in Handball?

The 1Γ—2 in handball is the match result after normal time. It does not include extra time and penalties in Cup matches. It is the most popular handball market for domestic and international matches. Every bookmaker that offers handball will provide odds for the 1Γ—2 market. It is the equivalent of the three-way match winner in football.

There are three potential outcomes in 1Γ—2 betting:

  • Home Win
  • Draw
  • Away Win

Draws are rare in handball, and the biggest percentage of outcomes is for the home win. A strong team can win away from home. Bookmakers issue odds for the half time 1Γ—2 in which the draw is more likely. In live betting, you can bet on the full match and first half 1Γ—2. Some bookmakers allow you to cash out 1Γ—2 bets to ensure a win or limit any loss.

How To Bet Handball

How to Win Handball Predictions?

Here are some tips which can enhance your handball bets and give you a better chance of placing good wagers. You can find free handball betting tips for matches and competitions but these pointers are general guidelines for betting on the sport.

Examine Team’s Current Form

Handball is a team game played in a league home and away format. There are matches every week, so teams can go on a winning streak. Conversely, sides can lose some confidence and experience a dip in form. Therefore, the current form is important when considering your bets. You should look at recent results to give you an idea of how well each side is performing.

Look at Head-to-head Records

The league format means there are two fixtures between each side during the regular league season. There is promotion and relegation, so there are different opponents. However, you can still look at head-to-head records over the last few years. Due to player changes, looking back over the last ten meetings is probably enough to assess the relative ability of each team.

Keep Up to Date With Team News

Team selection is important when trying to win with your handball bets. Injuries and suspensions can affect the chances of a team winning a match. Bookmakers monitor this information when setting the odds. Therefore, it is important you have a good idea of the strength of a team when trying to win handball bets.

Watch Live TV or Streamed Matches

Statistics are recent results are important when you are betting on handball. However, you should watch as many live matches on television or live-stream on bookmaker websites. You can see if a team with a good lead have a drop in motivation. The best way to judge a team’s form is to watch them play and decide if they represent good bets.