Ice Hockey Predictions for 2024 | Expert Tips Included!

It’s the coolest game on ice. It’s also one of the most enjoyable sports to bet on as ice hockey provides several great opportunities to place a wager. Knowing how to make the right bets is all about having the best ice hockey predictions.

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How to Bet on Ice Hockey?

Now that you have the latest ice hockey predictions, including those from the NHL, it’s time to take a look at how to bet on the sport. You want to make smart bets based on good ice hockey betting tips. So here is how to bet in Kenya.

Ice Hockey Predictions and Tips

First, it is important to understand that in the ice hockey betting market, there are three major types of wagers: money line, spread, and total.


The moneyline is based upon who you believe will win the game. In this type of wager, one team is viewed as the favourite. They will have the largest negative bet.

Let’s use an example. Toronto is favoured at -150 with the moneyline set for Detroit at +130. In this type of bet, you must wager 17500 KES on Toronto to win 12,000 KES. If you bet on Detroit, you bet 12000 KES to win 15200 KES.


The spread is a little different. In this instance, one team is favoured by a certain number of goals. As mentioned, this is usually 1.5.

So, Toronto may be giving up 1.5 goals, but the odds will change from -150 to +280. If Toronto wins by more than 1.5 goals, you are the winner.

That would mean if you wagered 12000 KES you win 33000 KES. Detroit is receiving 1.5 goals, so the odds likely change to something like -280 for them. You have to bet 33000 KES to win 12000 KES.


The last of these ice hockey bets is on the total. In this instance, the total for a Detroit-Toronto game maybe 5.5 goals. The over is set at -120 with the under at +100.

If the teams combine for six or more goals, you receive 12000 KES for every 14000 KES you wagered. If you bet 12000 KES on the under and you were right, you receive 12000 KES.

How to Win Ice Hockey Predictions?

Making the right ice hockey predictions is about making smart bets. These ice hockey tips will help you to make the right bets to help you be more successful.

Focus on the money line

One of the smartest decisions you can make is focusing on the money line. Choosing to go with the spread is a tough call. You are going to find that a lot of teams sit on a one-goal lead.

They play a defensive style of game even with 10-15 minutes left in the contest. Also, the pulling of the goaltender changes the entire dynamic for betting.

Some teams are very good with the extra attacker. Others are not. Some will pull their goaltender with a minute left, others with two or three minutes left. This can change the spread drastically. One of the best ice hockey betting tips you can receive is to focus on who you believe will win the contest.

The Favourite wins a lot

One of the things that separates ice hockey from other sports is that this is a game about favourites. This has been proven by reviewing results since 2005. It was discovered that the favourite wins the game nearly 59% of the time.

That is a sizable success rate. If you are looking for good ice hockey betting tips, then take heed of this one. Focus on the favourite.

Home ice is not that important

In many sports, playing at home is a huge edge. That is simply not as true in hockey.

In the NBA, for example, the home team wins more than 59% of the time. In the NFL, it is 57%. For the NHL, it is less than 55%.

This is one of the smarter ice hockey betting tips you can pay attention to.

Do not get caught up in the home-ice advantage. What we recommend is that you consider it as a factor, however, don’t make it one of your primary factors in determining your betting predictions.

Ice Hockey Predictions FAQs

In response to those looking for a way to be more successful in the ice hockey betting market, these are frequent questions asked.

This refers to the possible outcomes of a hockey game. There are three components to the ice hockey prediction 1Γ—2: the home team winning (1), the teams tying (X), or the road team winning (2).

In the ice hockey prediction 1Γ—2, you can choose to bet on any of these three outcomes. However, it is important to understand that in the NHL you no longer have ties.

These exist in European and college hockey but not in the NHL. This changed when the league turned to overtime and shootouts in the regular season.

This is the spread in hockey. While you may see +0.5 or +1.0, you are most likely to find that teams are favoured by 1.5 goals.

The team that has the +1.5 is the one who is receiving the goals as part of the spread. They are the underdogs.

The handicap in hockey is related directly to the spread. This is when one team receives or gives up a certain number of goals.

For more information related to this question and how it relates to ice hockey predictions, look at the answer above.