Jackpot Predictions in Kenya

In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for jackpot predictions. That’s not very surprising, considering that players can pocket enormous winnings by taking down one of the available sports betting jackpots in Kenya.

Jackpot Predictions in Kenya

Many operators offer different types of jackpots in Kenya. That’s why there are many sources of Kenya jackpot predictions where players can use this crucial information and tailor their bets accordingly.

Betsafe Jackpot Predictions

What is unique about BetSafe is that it allows players to participate in all three different types of jackpots. It all depends on your preferences, but you will always experience a thrilling betting endeavor there, chasing the top jackpot prize, which is more than 110,000,000 Ksh with Betsafe predictions.

Sahara Games Jackpot Predictions

At Sahara Games, players can enjoy weekly jackpots. The reward of these Sahara Games predictions is 1,000,000 Ksh, while the minimum bet is 20 Ksh. Users must correctly predict all ten selections for the top prize.

Dafabet Jackpot Predictions

The Dafabet jackpot is among the more minor ones players can participate in. They have to predict the outcome of ten games correctly to win the top prize.

ChezaCash Jackpot Predictions

ChezaCash has a selection of jackpots players can participate in as well. In the biggest ChezaCash jackpot prediction.

ChezaCash jackpot predictions

What are Jackpot Predictions?

In a nutshell, Kenya jackpot predictions is a term used to classify games offered by betting sites. You must predict the correct scores or results of pre-selected events, usually soccer matches, to win massive jackpot prizes.

However, that’s a very simplified summary because there are several types of games within this category ranging from midweek predictions to HT/FT result predictions. Let’s look in more detail at some of the most popular ones.

Jackpot Predictions and Bonuses

Types of Jackpot Predictions

Prediction Games

Dafabet offers one of the best Kenya predictions that’s totally free to enter. Customers must predict the correct final score of six European football matches chosen by the operator.

Typically, there is one round each week, but you may find midweek predictions when there is Champions League action.

Match Result Jackpot Predictions

One of the most common prediction games is guessing the correct match result. On paper, this challenge is much easier than predicting correct scores, which is why the betting company usually adds more matches to the coupon. Still, with some well-researched betting tips, punters can have a lot of success with these games. Here are some of the leading match result jackpot games in Kenya right now.

  • Betway Pick 15
  • Betway Pick 13
  • Dafabet Daily Jackpot (10 matches)
  • Dafabet Weekend ChapChap Jackpot (13 matches)
  • Sahara Games Weekly Jackpot (10 matches)
  • ChezaCash Power Jackpot (17 matches)
  • 1xbet Toto (12 matches)
  • 1xbet Toto 15
  • 1xbet Toto Football (14 matches)

If you’re looking for midweek predictions, the Dafabet Daily Jackpot is among the top offers at the moment, but 1xbet is also worth checking out.

Entry costs vary depending on the game you are playing. For instance, the Weekly Jackpot at Sahara Games costs Ksh 20 per entry, whereas Betway Pick 15 is Ksh 95.

Correct Score Jackpot Predictions

Without question, the largest jackpots are won on the correct score prediction games. The simple reason is that these are the most difficult to win. Perhaps, you’ve tried in the past to guess the correct results of the weekend’s English Premier League games. Chances are you got one or two correct scores from the ten games.

Of course, betting tips help to a degree, but it only takes a fluke goal or a missed penalty to ruin the whole bet. With that said, when you compare the cost to play (which is free at some sites) with the amount you could win, these are the best games. For the top jackpot tips, check out the following sites.

  • Betway Colossus (7 matches)
  • 1xbet Toto Correct Score (8 matches)

Mega Jackpot Predictions

The mega jackpot is, without a doubt, the hardest to take down because it has the most selections.

Generally, the number of selections for the mega jackpot fluctuates between 14-17. That’s why the mega jackpot predictions are helpful to so many players.

Of course, with so many selections to get right, many users can expect that the reward from this jackpot is tremendous.

However, users should note that their bet will also need to be bigger compared to when playing any of the other jackpots. Also, this type of jackpot is not available frequently, so action-takers better take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Midweek Jackpot Predictions

As the name suggests, this jackpot will be available every week. Generally, the weekly jackpot does not have that many selections to get right, so a player will probably celebrate a win if 12 or 13 selections are correct.

This is still a significant number of events, and that’s why many players use the convenience of the midweek jackpot predictions.

The minimum bet amount that should be covered to use the midweek jackpot predictions is much more affordable, and it provides an excellent chance to bank some winnings.

Daily Jackpot Predictions

The daily jackpot predictions can be used as frequently as every day. That’s why they are usually the most popular among gamblers in Kenya.

That being said, players won’t enjoy their favorite bets like the over 2.5 predictions when participating in this jackpot. However, this doesn’t mean they won’t have a thrilling gambling experience.

The other benefit of the daily jackpot predictions is that gamblers can use them every day in the hope of taking down the significant price. On top of that, the bet required to enter this jackpot is the lowest of all of the jackpots users can participate in.

In the following lines, we will look at some of the best operators that provide different jackpot predictions.

dafabet jackpot predictions

How to Predict a Jackpot Games?

Some betting enthusiasts might want to predict some of the games by themselves. This is also a great strategy to use for some of the events of these jackpots.

To do that, a player needs to understand what to look for when making a prediction. We will share a few crucial tips for making the correct prediction.

  1. Be aware of the odds as bookmakers rarely go wrong with predicting the favorite
  2. Check the recent form of the teams
  3. Take a look into the previous meetings between the two teams
  4. Read news about significant injury concerns for both teams

By going through these essential tips, most bettors will be able to predict the score of a particular game much easier. Hopefully, this will help someone take down one of the significant Kenya jackpots.

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