Rugby Predictions for 2023 | Best Betting Tips in Kenya

To help you navigate the relatively complex world of Rugby Predictions, we have some Rugby Betting Tips here. Rugby is an incredibly popular sport worldwide, but it still has some complicated rules, so pay attention.

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Rugby Predictions Today

Here are our selections for the most exciting Rugby predictions today:

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Yield: 11.34%
Fiji 7s vs South Africa 7s
World Rugby Sevens Series - Hong Kong 2023 - Final Stage
02/04 04:48
Fiji 7s (-7) in ordinary time (EH)
Hi bE Community off we go to the SWS in Hong Kong. Fiji 7s are the clear favs in this match up I expect them to get the dub here even win by an eight point margin at least. Hence my new bet ten out of...

Bet on Rugby Predictions

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How to Bet on Rugby?

Betting on Rugby is fairly simple. Here is a quick primer on how to bet in Kenya on Rugby.

First of all, you have to decide what type of Rugby you are wagering on. There are two types of Rugby: Union and League. Once you have decided between Rugby League or Rugby Union predictions, you can search for a sportsbook that offers those.

There are lots of sports betting sites in Kenya where Rugby Championships and Leagues are available for betting. You will have to sign up for one of the sports betting sites. After signing up, log in and make a deposit.

After that, you can look for the list of Rugby matches available in the sportsbook. You can check out different Rugby Championships or league matches. You can even look for Rugby World Cup predictions if it is upcoming.

Once you have found the list of upcoming Rugby matches and their odds, it’s easy to place wagers. From the Rugby events page, you can bet on the most popular market directly, like 1×2.

To explore additional markets, click on the match name. It will take you to the page for that match, where further detailed markets are available.

Rugby Predictions and Tips

Placing Rugby Predictions

To place Rugby predictions bets, just click or tap on the Odds number box. That wager will be added to your betslip. You may add as many bets in this way as you like. Keep our Rugby betting tips in mind when doing so.

To check out the bets, open the betslip. Check if the bets and payouts are as expected and enter your stake. Also, at this stage you can choose between single or multi-bets.

For multi-bets, you can wager on an accumulator bet where every single individual bet has to win. Or you can wager on a System bet where only a combination of individual bets has to win.

Both accumulators and system bets are a great way to improve and min max the odds. If you are wagering on, say, a Rugby championship match, they can be really exciting. There are also often bonuses for accumulators specifically.

After you confirm the wager, the funds will be taken out of your account balance. You will get the money back (or not) after the match is complete.

How to Win Rugby Predictions

Whether you are betting on the Rugby Championship or a lower-stakes Rugby match, you will want some help. Here are our top Rugby Union Betting Tips. These tips and tricks won’t guarantee that you win your wagers, but they should help you avoid some obvious losses.

Pay attention to these Rugby betting tips, and your Rugby predictions will go smoothly.

1. Learn the ins-and-outs of the game. 

Rugby has some more rules compared to a game like Soccer. Therefore, punters should know everything there is to know about the game before wagering on it. You don’t want to lose a bet just because you misunderstood or missed a rule.

Since Rugby has two different popular variants, this is doubly important. After all, some Rugby union betting tips may not carry over directly to Rugby League.

2. Study up on the statistics. 

When betting on a specific match, you should look up the two teams that are competing. Check out their recent history, their playstyle, and even the details of the players.

Each of these will inform you about the chances of either team winning. If the two teams have gone head to head recently, then you have a perfect example of how the current match could go. Even if they have not gone head to head, their performance against other teams can be enlightening.

3. Don’t fall for the hype. 

Every season, there are one or two teams that are extremely hyped by their fans. They might have gotten a few lucky wins or good performances. However, that does not mean they will maintain this performance for the whole season.

So, use your own predictions and analysis rather than crowdsourcing your next wager. Look up the statistics for the teams and players first.

4. Keep a cool head. 

It is easy to get frustrated when betting, especially if you are losing. However, you must stay calm. Getting angry and trying to make bets too quickly can lead to bad wagers and further losses.

As long as you keep in mind that it’s all for fun, you won’t have issues with this. Just make betting predictions and see if they come true. Any wins or losses are just a nice bonus or a cost of entertainment.

Keep these Rugby betting tips in mind and you will be able to maximize wins and minimize losses.

Rugby Predictions FAQs

What is the difference between rugby and rugby union?

Historically, Rugby Union and Rugby League had different organising bodies and were played in different regions. Today, Rugby Union and Rugby are popular in different parts of the world. There are some rule differences.
For example, Rugby Union has 15 players a team, while Rugby League has 13. In Union, a Try awards 5 points. In League, it awards 3 points. In Union, drops and penalties award 3 points. In League, the two are worth 1 and 2 points, respectively.

What is a 3-Way bet in rugby?

There are several types of 3-way betting. Basically, any bet where there are 3 possible outcomes is called a 3-way bet.
A 3-Way bet in Rugby could be based on the total score. Three different lines would be set by the bookmaker. Punters try to predict if the total score will be over or under these lines.
Another 3-Way rugby bet is a 3-Way Handicap. Punters just have to predict which team will win the match or if it’ll tie.

What is a handicap tie bet in rugby?

In Rugby predictions, there are often two teams that are not evenly matched. In this case, the odds are heavily skewed, and some punters don’t enjoy that.
In Handicapped betting, the stronger team is assigned a handicap, such as -10. This means that for the purposes of the bet, they have -10 score at all times. They must win by a margin of 10 points or more in order for their win to count in the bet. The betting is evened out.So, with a handicap tie bet the winning team must have exactly the handicap amount over the losing team. This is one of the highest odds rugby union predictions wagers.