Betika Registration Kenya | How to Open an Account at Betika in 2024

Currently, players must complete the Betika registration to use this bookmaker’s online betting services. In this guide, we show you how to sign up with the bookmaker and we provide a Betika review of the site’s services.

Betika Registration Kenya: Step-by-Step Guide

Firstly, you will need to complete the Betika sign up procedure to open a new account. Once you have registered, you can log back on to the site at any time using your mobile number and password combination.

Below, we share the exact steps you need to create your online profile with Betika.

How to open a Betika account in Kenya?

  1. Visit the Homepage

    First, load the bookmaker’s homepage. Here, you will see a green and white registration button in the top right corner. Click this icon to proceed.

  2. Betika Registration Form

    Second, a new page will load with an online form that you fill in. Enter your phone number and a safe and secure password and click register to move on.

  3. Confirmation Code

    Then, you will be sent a confirmation code to the mobile number you provided. Enter this code along with your mobile number to complete the Betika sign up process.

Betika Kenya App Registration

Alternatively, new players can complete the Betika app registration process to create an account.

Today, bettors can download and install the bookmaker’s app on Android and iOS devices. Also, this mobile platform can be downloaded straight from the bookmaker’s homepage on to your device. Before you complete the registration, you will need to install the app on your phone.

Betika Application

If you want to download the app then complete the mobile registration, follow the step-by-step guide here.

  1. First, once you have installed the app, open it on your phone. Then, on the landing page, you will see the green and white register button towards the top of the screen. Click this to continue.
  1. Second, the sign up form will load. Here, enter your phone number and safe password.
  1. To finish, check your SMS messages as the bookmaker will send a confirmation code. Enter this code on the next page of the app with your mobile number. Confirm and your account will be set up.

How to Verify Betika Account?

Currently, new bettors can verify a Betika account with just their mobile number. The bookmaker uses this number to contact you during the sign up process so you can confirm your identity.

Therefore, entering a valid Kenyan mobile number is important during the Betika registration process.

Account Verification Betika

Betika Registration Bonus

At present, the bookmaker has a registration bonus, but new players can also take part in the Betika bonus offers and jackpots.

Currently, players can choose from a daily and a midweek jackpot, with each providing offers of different amounts.

What Are Betika Registration Requirements?

Currently, when completing the online or app registration, you will only need your mobile number. But you will also need to create a safe and secure password alongside this so you can log back into your new account.

Also, players looking to join this betting site must be aged 18 or over and bettors can only register one account with the bookmaker.

In addition, the bookmaker’s terms and conditions show that all active players must keep their personal details up to date. As a result, if you change your mobile number, name, or address, you must inform Betika’s customer service team.

Betika Registration Requirements

How to Deposit at Betika Kenya?

When you have created your account, you will need to deposit funds to use Betika’s online betting services.

Currently, you have different options when making a deposit and you can transfer money to your account with M-Pesa or Airtel Money. After logging into your account select either of these options from the payment section.

Problems With Betika registration

Usually, completing the Betika sign up steps are straightforward and you can complete these without any issues or difficulties.

However, some players might occasionally encounter problems when trying to set up a new account with this provider.

Below, we highlight some of the issues that sometimes happen when new players try to create a new account. Also, we share some of our tips about how to overcome these potential problems.

Internet Connection

Firstly, one of the most common issues that players encounter is a slow internet connection. Ultimately, this can slow down the sign up process as your browser may time out when you enter and load the sign up form.

Also, a slow browser can prevent the page from loading quickly enough when you open a new page.

Generally, this can be easily solved. The first step is to check your wifi is working correctly, that everything is plugged in and you are connected. However, if issues still continue, you can try to log in by connecting to a different internet link.

But, if problems are ongoing, you will need to contact the bookmaker and they can support your sign up application.


Betika is licensed under the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya. As a result, players located in the country can freely sign up and wager on the website. However, if you are located outside of Kenya, you will not be able to sign up legally and safely.

Therefore, before you start the registration process, you must be located in the country. If you are not, the bookmaker may not accept your account application.

Correct Phone Number

Because Betika communicates via SMS messaging when new players set up an account, it is vital that you enter your correct mobile number. Also, even inputting one incorrect digit can prevent your account from being set up quickly and on time.

To ensure you have entered the correct details on the registration form, double-check all your information before submitting it. As a result, you can relax and know that all your information is perfect and acceptable during sign up.

Valid Password

Lastly, another common issue new players have is entering a valid and secure password. Often, modern online bookmakers have automatic requirements when bettors create new passwords. For instance, your password is likely to need a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.

When you are creating your password during the registration steps, ensure your password is completely safe and only memorable to you. This can help you to speed up the sign up steps and you will also know that your account is safe at all times.

Betika Kenya Registration FAQ

Lastly, we answer some of the most common questions about the sign up process and regarding the Betika app registration.

What is the minimum amount to bet on Betika Kenya?

Currently, the minimum wager amount at Betika is KES 5. 

How to login at Betika Kenya?

Once you have created your account, you can log back on at any time. Firstly, go to the homepage of the website or app and click login. Then, input your phone number and password combination and log on. 

How can I check my Betika account?

When you log on, you can review your account details on your personal profile page. In addition, you can manage payment methods and update personal details here. 

How to reset a Betika password?

Sometimes, bettors can forget their password if they haven’t logged on to their account for a while. However, resetting a password is easy by clicking the forgotten your password button on the login page. After pressing this, you can enter your mobile number to receive an SMS code. Enter the code and you can change your password.