What Does the Double Chance Mean in Betting?

This article is designed to explain the double chance meaning when it comes to sports betting. We will provide some double chance predictions as an example and help with your knowledge of sports betting terms.

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What is the Meaning of Double Chance?

The meaning of double chance in betting is a punter covers two of the possible three outcomes of a sports event. Regular bets include the home team to win (1), a draw (X), and the away team to win (2).

Double chance predictions in sports are best used when both teams have an almost equal chance to win.

When giving football predictions and tips, tipsters will tell you to use this market as an option when you can’t determine the favourite.

However, as your chances of making a correct call increase with a double chance bet, the odds will decrease. So it is advised to use them as a last resort if no other favourable market is available.

If you are considering making double chance picks, you need to know what they look like.

Essentially, double chance bets can be used with any sports event that has three possible outcomes. You are gaining an advantage as you are eliminating one of these three options.

That is the meaning of double chance in betting.

Double Chance Meaning in Betting

What Are Some Double Chance Betting Examples?

The reason why double chance betting is popular is that it gives you more of a chance of winning some returns. The odds will be slightly lower than a conventional 1X2 bet, but that is the decision you have to make.

Types of Double Chance Bet

There are essentially three types of double bets, meaning that you can choose one of the following options:

  • 1X – a home team win or a draw counts as a winning bet
  • 2X – an away win or a draw counts as a winning bet
  • 12 – a home team win or an away team win counts as a winning bet

For example, West Ham is playing Leicester. The Hammers are playing at home and have a better record.

However, Leicester is a good away side. Even though West Ham has a higher chance of winning, there is still a possibility that the Foxes could come out with at least a draw.

This would be the best double chance prediction to make.

How to Place Double Chance Bets?

Placing a double chance bet is just as easy as making any other selection at an online sports betting site. You will need to pick which option you are going for – and decide on your stake – but the general procedure is just the same.

How to place double chance bets?

  1. Log into your customer account

  2. Find the sports event you want to bet on

  3. Look for the double chance betting markets – these should be easily identifiable

  4. Click on your preferred option

  5. Enter your stake

  6. Confirm your bet

That is the double chance meaning in betting – you have two chances of winning out of the three possible outcomes.


A double chance 1Γ—2 prediction works almost the same as a regular bet does. You simply have to find the matchup that you are looking for in the list of games.

If a double chance bet is not viewable, extend the offer and find it. Once you locate it, press the sign or the odds, and the bet will automatically appear on your bet slip.Β 

A double chance bet has three possible outcomes. 1x (home win or a draw), 2x (away win or a draw), and 12 (home win or an away win).

So if you choose 1x outcome, you win if the game ends with a home win or a draw.

The only outcome that does not go in your favour is an away win. In this situation, if the game ends with the home side winning or drawing, it counts as a winning bet.Β 

There are several ways of calculating double chance odds. For example, when placing a 1x bet (home win and a draw), we need to take into account the individual odds.Β 

Let’s say that the odds on the home team to win are 1.80, while a draw is 3.30 odds. The formula goes this way: (1.80 * 3.30) / ( 1.80 + 3.30) = 1.17. The odds need to be at two decimals.Β 

It depends on the situation. Double chance tips will tell you that the best ones are with tied or similar teams.

If the teams are similar in their positioning on the table and in recent form, but one has a slight advantage based on home field, historical matchups, or due to an injury situation, you could say that this club is favoured.

However, there is still a chance, albeit smaller, for the other club to gain points.Β In such a case, you can place a double chance bet and determine which one of the three possible ones to wager.