English Championship Predictions and Tips

Check out our English Championship predictions for today. We have also outlined tips to help you make an informed decision when placing a bet.

What Are English Championship Predictions for Today?

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English Championship Table

Which Team Is Most Likely to Win the English Championship?

English football is not only popular on the island but across the globe, as well. Even though PL is one of the most popular leagues worldwide, the English Championship also has a significant following. But which team do you think is most inclined to top the league and gain promotion into the Premier League?

Of course, we can’t state beyond doubt which team will emerge top of the charts. However, our football predictions expertise led us to conclude that Fulham has the greatest prospects of finishing in the first place.

English Championship Predictions and Tips

How Did We Choose Our English Championship Predictions?

It is not such an easy task to make predictions out of many teams with almost equal chances. The English Championship is a competition pitting several teams that would love to advance to the next playing level in the Premier League. Each team is well prepared to achieve this feat. Below are some of the England Championship betting tips that we considered when compiling our English championship predictions.


Each competition has favorites and underdogs, and the English Championship is no exception. Favorites comprise a team with a history of winning where many players are in the right form. While making our English Championship predictions, they were definitely our favorites. Notably, favorites rarely lose a game towards the end of the season because they are highly motivated by the fans and the urge to finish on a powerful note.

Currently, Fulham is the favorite to win the English Championship. They had held an unbeaten run for five matches to open a five-point lead at the top by the end of January. The team is also favored because of the number of goals against opponents. So far, Fulham has managed to score seven goals against Reading, six again Birmingham City and Bristol City, and three against Stoke City in consecutive games.

Aleksandar Mitrovic, the top scorer at Fulham, raised his tally to 34 goals in 31 matches. For the entire season, Fulham has so far scored 82 goals, with players like Fabio Carvalho, Neeskens Kebano and Harry Wilson approaching a double-figure. The rest of the season is undoubtedly going to be interesting, with Fulham stamping their authority, given the massive firepower they possess at the moment.


Making correct predictions must be backed by sufficient data. Notably, using statistics is one of the England Championship betting tips that you should always consider. Football is an interesting game whose outcome relies on previous events.

Useful stats include the goals scored, goals conceded, player ratings, goal difference and number of matches played. For example, you can tell a team’s success in the future based on the number of goals they have scored. In a prediction with the over 2.5 market, you need to make the correct choice by picking a team with more goals scored.

Fulham has 22 goals in a run of four wins in their Championship matches. You can easily win by predicting more goals in the fifth game. Player ratings will inform you about the ability of the team and the amount of talent that can lead to a win. An English Championship prediction to have Mitrovic scoring in a Fulham game is positive, given that this player rating is high.


Standings refer to the position occupied by a team on the English Championship table. The league has 24 teams taking part in numerous games. By the time a team occupies the top five positions, they have endured several challenges, including fatigue, injuries, defeats, and player suspensions.

An average of these factors determines the position a team will occupy. Being at the top means having unmatched resilience and the mental strength to stay there. The teams at the bottom rarely beat those at the top.


The most difficult English Championship matches to predict are between two top teams or bottom teams. These fixtures have teams with almost similar characteristics and history. For example, top teams are all in good form, and you cannot wish away any team.

Their statistics show that any team is likely to win, especially if they have registered wins in their previous encounters. Bottom teams are equally challenging to predict because you cannot tell the team with a slight advantage. For instance, predicting a winner between Peterborough and Derby County is not easy because they are both at the bottom.

Derby fixtures are also challenging because teams here play for superiority. You may find a weak team performing extraordinarily well to keep the bragging rights. Teams that participate in other competitions such as the FA Cup and Carabao Cup could be affected because much of their focus is diverted to other competitions. One of the England Championship tips when making predictions for teams participating in other competitions is to consider their capacity to deliver in the English Championship.

Previous Winners

Teams that have won the English Championship before will get into a match with more confidence. Therefore, among the England Championship betting tips to consider is researching some of the previous winners before you make predictions. Having tasted victory, such a team would want to work hard and replicate the same feat.

It also has the requisite experience to overcome any physical and mental hurdles on the way. In 2020 and 2021, the league winners were Leeds United and Norwich City, respectively. They obtained a spot in the English Premier League. They will likely win most of their games if they return to the English Championship again.

How to Bet on the English Championship?

When looking to bet on English Championship matches, the first step is to choose the best betting sites with impressive odds and offering a wide range of markets. Many betting sites highly cover the English Championship. But it is important to compare the odds before you settle for a specific bookie. Our top recommended English Championship betting sites include Betway, 22Bet, Betsafe, and Helabet.

Here you will find a wide range of betting markets, including the overall winner, the correct score, BTTS, Over/under, and more. You just need to sign up/log in to your preferred betting site and fund your account. Then check the available odds for various matches.

English Championship Predictions FAQs

Here are the answers to some common questions regarding this topic.

When does the English Championship start?

The 2021/22 Championship season kicked off on Friday, 6 August.

How many teams are in the English Championship?

There are a total of 24 teams in this season’s English Championship.

Where to watch the English Championship?

In Kenya, you can watch the matches broadcast live tv. Also, some betting sites offer live streaming services, for example, Betway offers livescore and live streaming.

When is the English Championship final?

The play-off finals will take place on 29 May 2022, at Wembley Stadium in London.