Both Teams to Score Meaning | BTTS Explained with Examples

Both teams to score is one of the sports betting terms bettors will come across in their journey as punters. So here is a guide on both teams to score meaning in the betting market.

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What is a Both Teams to Score Meaning

Both teams to score predictions has always been one of the most straightforward football betting tips to use.

It means predicting the possibility of the two teams playing to score a goal. No matter how challenging the game is, the two teams need to score at least one goal during the 90 minutes.

It means that the two teams competing in a game must score at least a goal each. That doesn’t necessarily mean that outcome of the match should be a 1-1 draw; it could be 2-1 2-2 5-1 2-3.

The most important thing is for both teams to record a goal in regular time.

This option often works for teams with quality goalscorers and poor defense. So when you have the strikers scoring goals, there’s the probability that the same team will concede at least a goal because of their poor defense.

So it’s always advisable to research both teams before making your prediction.

The bookmakers offer two possible outcomes for this market. First, on some betting platforms, you will see it as ‘Both teams to score or BTTS’ where you will pick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

“Yes” means both teams will score goals, and “No” means just a team will score or there will be no goal in the match. It is written as GG/NG on other betting platforms, which is the same as explained above.

Both Teams to Score Meaning

BTTS meaning is an acronym for Both Teams To Score. Each word’s first letter is picked to form the acronym ‘BTTS.’

Many bookmakers offer this type of bet, and it is one of the most popular football betting types among bettors. Also, they offer coupons just for this market and include both teams to score tips in various promotional offers.

So, if you wonder what the bits meaning predictions are, we will cover all the relevant information you need to know about both teams to score predictions and bets today.

Types of Both Teams to Score Market

Both Teams to Score and Win

This betting option requires that both teams score a goal, and the outcome won’t be a draw.

It means that there has to be a winner in the match despite both teams scoring. You can have a scoreline like 2-1 3-1, 1-3 2-3, and so on.

Both Teams to Score in Both Halves

This betting option is challenging, and the odds are usually high. It simply means that both teams will record a goal in the first and second half of the game.

First Half BTTS

This betting option requires that both teams score at least a goal in the first 45 minutes of play.

Second Half BTTS

This betting option requires that both teams score at least a goal in the second 45 minutes of play.

Both Teams to Score and Over/Under

This is more like a combination of two different betting options. Here, you’re predicting that both teams will score, and the total number of goals will be over or under a specified mark given by the bookies.

In-Play Both Teams to Score

The In-Play, also called a live bet, allows you to bet on the match as it unfolds. The odds in this type of bet constantly change as the game progresses.

Some bookmakers offer both teams to score options during a live game. So it would be best if you were very fast when placing this bet as the bookies will constantly change odds and lock the betting option.

Double Chance and Both Teams to Score Meaning

The double chance and both teams to score combine two betting markets. It involves predicting that both teams will score and that the game will end in a double chance at the same time.

Bettors bet on double chance to give the underdog an improved chance. They usually back a team to win or draw a game.

If the team they back win or draws the game, the bettor wins the bet.

Thus, combining double chance and both teams to score means that the game will end in a win or draw for a team, and both teams will score before the end of the game.

What Are Both Teams to Score Betting Examples?

Barelona vs Napoli Europa League Tie

For example, the meaning of BTTS in betting was the recent Europa League Round-of-32 game between Barcelona and Napoli.

The match was played over two legs with both teams scoring in both legs.

The first leg ended in a 1-1 draw, which makes the BTTS prediction valid, while the second leg ended in a 4-2 score in favor of FC Barcelona. Both teams scored in the game while Barcelona won the tie.

Benfica vs Ajax Champions League Tie

Another meaning of btts in betting is the recent Champions League Round-of-16 first leg tie between Benfica and Ajax ended in a 2-2 draw.

There was no winner in the game, but both teams recorded two goals each, making the BTTS prediction valid. This is another example of the both teams to score market.

How to Bet on Both Teams to Score?

It is always best to research and analyse games before placing your bets. A lot of the time, statistics are helpful as it helps you in predicting.

It gives you an idea of what to come in a match, hence helping you determine if both teams will score at least a goal each in a particular game.

It is essential to always look out for important players in a match who could score goals because BTTS is all about scoring goals.

You may also watch out for poor defensive sides because they will most likely concede in a game. Also, always check the team’s news, starting lineup, injuries, and other vital points to help you place your BTTS bets.

Other things include the strength of both teams, the weather condition to play a match, motivation, etc.

Knowing these pieces of information will help you bet on the right teams to score. Also, look out for bookies that give various BTTS options to place your bet, enabling you to explore the possibilities.

Both Teams to Score Predictions FAQs

As part of our review, we have broken down answers to the most common questions bettors ask about this football bet.

The primary attributes that go toward strong both teams to score predictions are the teams’ performances in the past and the attacking and defending skills.

Analysing players’ forms can also help increase the chances of winning. Indeed, searching for teams with prolific players and looking back to games both teams played can help too.

When you bet on both teams to achieve at least one goal during the 90 minutes of play, your bet is a winning bet if both teams score a goal in each other’s goal net.

BTTS tip is considered the most popular football bet among bettors from all levels. Major football events are the best opportunity to place this bet while betting on your favourite matches.

As the name suggests, both teams need to score a goal during the regular 90 minutes of play. For your bet to be a winning bet, the game’s outcome has to be at least 2-2.

But, of course, results including 2-3, and 4-3, can also be a winning bet. This is because both teams score at least one goal in every 45 minutes of play.