Multi Bet | How to Bet on Multi Bet in Kenya?

One of the betting terms that an average bettor will be aware of is multi bet.

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What is a Multi Bet?

A multi bet is a bet slip that contains more than one selection. They are significant because they increase the odds of your bet slip and the potential win.

The two major forms of multi bet are accumulator bets and system bets. A breakdown of these bets is available in the following section.

Bet On Multi Bet

Accumulator Bets

Also known as ‘Parlays’ or ‘Acca,’ this is the most popular type of multi bets. With accumulator bets, you add the selections of your choice in a bet slip and stake an amount.

The potential win is multiplying all the odds in the bet slip with your stake. While the odds increase as you add games to the bet slip, so does the risk. If any selection loses, you lose the whole bet.

However, some bookmakers offer a bonus to cushion the loss if one of your selections is unsuccessful.

System Bets

With this advanced betting type, you make three or more predictions but combine the bets in several ways.

For example, if you place a Trixie bet, you make three selections but have four bets. The four bets include an accumulator bet of the three games and double bets of the first and second, the second and third, and the first and the third.

To illustrate further, we will show how to combine the three games below.

  • An Accumulator Bet (Game 1, Game 2, Game 3)
  • Doubles Bet (Game 1 + Game 2, Game 2 + Game 3, Game 1 + Game 3)

If only Game 1 and Game 3 are successful, you will lose the accumulator bet, but your third double bet will be successful, and you will receive a win amount for that bet.

There are several other ways to combine system bets, but they are beyond the scope of this article. Some other popular forms of system bets include:

  1. Trixie
  2. Heinz
  3. Patent
  4. Lucky 15
  5. Yankee.

System bets are pretty technical, so understand how they work before placing your wager.

Differences between Accumulator and System Bets

The main difference between accumulator and system bets is that the risk is reduced in system bets.

For example, if one game in an accumulator bet is lost, you lose the whole bet. You can lose one selection in a system bet and still win the others.

However, most bookmakers offer their users a bonus for accumulator bets. Due to their advanced nature, you rarely see a bonus for system bets.

Top Multi Bet Tips

We have compiled a couple of multi bet tips to help improve your chances of winning.

Start with small bets

This tip is important for placing both accumulator and system bets. Start by betting small amounts to understand the best-betting markets to bet on for accumulator bets.

As for system bets, begin with easier-to-understand forms like Trixie before moving on to more complex forms.

Bet on markets with insurance

Some betting markets have insurance; for example, you have a 66% chance of winning in the double chance market. Even though the odds in these markets may be smaller, when combined in an accumulator bet, it increases in value.

Claim a sportsbook’s welcome offer

Check the Terms and Conditions of the new customer bonus as a requirement can include placing accumulator bets. You get extra money which can be used to practice making multi bets.

System bets do not qualify as a requirement for the welcome bonus, so this tip is only helpful for accumulator bets.

Focus on pre-game betting markets

Even though you can place them on the live betting markets, it can be hard to predict several events when the game is in full swing and get all of them right. So to improve your chances of winning, focus your multi bets on pre-game betting.

How to Place a Multi Bet?

The process of placing multi bets is similar across all online bookmakers.

Selected operators may not have the option of system bets, but they will likely have accumulator bets available. Below are the steps for making a multi bet.

How to bet on multi bets?

  1. Open the operator’s website on your browser (or the mobile app).

  2. Click on your preferred sport and select one of the available events.

  3. Scroll through the betting markets to make predictions.

  4. Add more predictions to your bet slip by repeating Steps 2 and 3.

  5. Enter an amount to stake the bet and click on “Confirm”.

Single vs Multi Bet

There are some factors to consider before making a single or multi bet.

First, determine how both betting types and odds fit into your betting strategy. For example, the odds in some sports are more valuable than in others.

Furthermore, you need to consider the amount you want to bet. You can stake a higher amount on a single bet or a smaller amount on a multi bet.

What is the Best Multi Bet Bonus?

The best online sportsbooks which provide a multi bet bonus in Kenya are MozzartBet. A multi bet boost is a percentage of the potential winning as a bonus for a winning bet.

Other bookmakers may offer a refund for an unsuccessful bet.

What is the MozzartBet Multi Bet Bonus?

The MozzartBet multi bet bonus is a refund cashback. The bookmaker refunds a part of your stake when you lose your multi bet by a single prediction.

However, your slip must have up to four games to qualify for this refund. Plus, it is only applicable to pre-game accumulator bets. System bets and live bets do not qualify for this bonus.

MozzartBet Multi Bet Bonus

The refund amount differs depending on the odds of the bet slip, as shown below:

Odds per Bet SlipRefund Amount
From 29 oddsStake
59 odds +Stake * 2
99 odds +Stake * 5
499 odds +Stake * 10
999 odds +Stake * 100


We answer some frequently asked questions about multi bets below.

There are two forms: accumulator and system bets. With an accumulator bet, your potential win is multiplying all the odds in the bet slip with the amount.

All your selections have to be successful for you to win. However, system bets are calculated based on the type of bet placed and not every prediction needs to be successful to win.

A multi bet example is when you bet the home win of a football match between Arsenal and Burnley and an over/under of the number of sets in a tennis match between Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. 

When a game is cancelled, it is deemed a non-runner. That means that it will simply be deleted from the bet slip and will not affect the outcome of the bet slip.

A two-leg multi bet is also known as a “Double” and just has two predictions on the bet slip.

A combo multi bet has more than one selection on a bet slip. It can be a double, triple or accumulator bet.

A Trixie multi bet consists of 3 selections and four bets. The four bets include three doubles (i.e. the first and second game, the first and third game and the second and third game) and one treble (an accumulator of the three selections).